Mallinckrodt Focus and History

Malllinckrodt has a long storied history as a Fortune 500 company and acquired medical equipment related Liebel-Flarsheim in 1996.  In 2000 Tyco International acquired Mallinckrodt and continued to develop lines under the Mallinckrodt brand.

In 2007 Tyco spins off a number of medical device related brands to become an independent company called Covidien.  Medical equipment devices branded as Mallinckrodt were either transitioned to the new brand or left as a line of Endotrachel and airway devices.

In 2011 Tyco spins Mallinckrodt off as Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals.

In 2014 Covidien is acquired by Medtronic.

As of 2015 the Mallinckrodt brand as it relates to medical devices is found on Covidien's website as a line of Endotracheal and airway devices.

Covidien Website:

Covidien Warm Touch ( formerly Mallinckrodt ):


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