Oncology Services Overview

Up To 99% LINAC Uptime. Improved Efficiency. Lower Costs.

ISO 13485:2016/9001:2015 Certified Quality Management System: Compare Avante vs OEM

Avante Oncology Services is a premier source of refurbished machines, and supplier of new OEM and equivalent to OEM parts. Long before the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act became a law and ObamaCare became a catchphrase, Avante Oncology Services was providing hospitals and oncology practices with economical service for their Linear Accelerators and CT devices. And the means for hospitals and clinics to use their resources more efficiently, make their budgets work harder and provide more quality care to more patients, more reliably. Avante Oncology Services is independent of and not affiliated with or sponsored or endorsed by any OEM.

LINAC Service & Support

While Avante Oncology Services saves you money, our uptime guarantee ensures that your qualified radiation therapy equipment will be up, running and generating income. It's a combination of benefits that ensures both a better return of your equipment investment and reliable, accurate therapy for your patients.

Industry Leading Services

We offer the most innovative and flexible LINAC service plans in the industry.

Full Service (includes 99% uptime)
Labor Only • Time / Materials • Tailored

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Onsite Remote Access

Advanced remote diagnostics with predictive failure analysis and leading preventive maintenance tools.

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Training Academy

We set the bar for providing your staff with the knowledge and tools to maintain your equipment. Take your team to the next level and learn more.

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Linear Accelerator Equipment

Precision Certified Linear Accelerator And CT Devices – The Ultimate Combination Of Performance And Economy.

With Avante Oncology Services Precision Certified linear accelerators and CT Simulators, you can be sure you'll get all the performance and reliability of a new model. That's because each piece must undergo an extensive and comprehensive refurbishment process to earn the Precision Certified name. It's your assurance that every critical part has been tested, any that did not meet our exacting criteria have been replaced with new…that the right software for your practice has been installed…and that the whole device has been tested, precisely calibrated and will perform to original manufacturer's specifications.


Avante Oncology Services supplies Precision Certified linear accelerators and CT systems worldwide. Our devices are being used in more than thirty countries on six continents, and we welcome the opportunity to provide our high-quality, low cost oncology equipment to more cancer treatment facilities throughout the world.

* All brands and logos are trademarks of their respective owners. All uses of OEM names, brands, logos are for identification purposes only and do not signify authorization, endorsement, or sponsorship. Precision Certified is a trademark of Avante Oncology Services.

Parts & Supplies

  • Cables
  • Cooling
  • CT
  • Electrical
  • Eleckta PCBs
  • OBI
  • MLC
  • Motors
  • Siemens PCBs
  • Power Supply
  • RF
  • Tubes
  • Gantry
  • Varian PCBs
  • Console