LINAC Equipment

Precision Certified Linear Accelerator & CT Devices

The Ultimate Combination of Performance & Economy

Avante Oncology Services Precision Certified linear accelerators and CT Simulators provide the performance and reliability of a new model, while still working well. With Precision Certified devices, you also benefit from professional installation and an iron-clad warranty backed by the best independent service organization in the industry.

As a result of our scrupulous refurbishment process, nobody sells more factory-refurbished linear accelerators or has a larger inventory of radiation oncology devices, including:

  • Linear Accelerators with IMRT/IGRT delivery capabilities
  • CT Simulators
  • Record and Verify Systems
  • Treatment Planning Systems
  • MV Imaging Upgrades
  • MLC Upgrades

Worldwide Installations

Avante supplies Precision Certified linear accelerators and CT systems worldwide. Our devices are being used in more than thirty countries on six continents, and we welcome the opportunity to provide our high-quality, low cost oncology equipment to more cancer treatment facilities throughout the world.

Sell Your Equipment to Avante

If your current radiation therapy equipment is no longer meeting your needs, please contact us. We will make you a fair offer and stand by it until the sale. Or, you may also trade in your equipment.

Precision Certified Process

Linear accelerator models we provide include:

  • Varian 600C/D
  • Varian 6EX
  • Varian 2100C/D
  • Varian 21EX/iX
  • Varian 2300CD
  • Varian 23EX/iX
  • TrueBeam
  • Siemens Mevatron M / K class
  • Siemens Primus M / K
  • Siemens Oncor Plus/Impression
  • Elekta Precise
  • Elekta Synergy
  • Trilogy

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