Available LINAC Equipment List

Precision Certified Equipment Currently Available

Whether you're updating or reinstalling your current devices or creating a whole new state-of-the-art radiation therapy center, we will be happy to work with your contractors or bring in our own specialists to assist you.

If you're buying Precision Certified linear accelerators, please complete our RFQ or Contact Us so we can tailor solutions for you.

Following you'll find a list of all the Precision Certified equipment currently available from Oncology Services International. Each is completely factory refurbished and ready to be shipped and installed in your facility. For pricing, please call us at (800) 445-4516.

LINAC Systems

Varian High Energy

2011 True Beam s/n 1202 6/10mv/ 22e/ 120 MLC/ CB-CT-RA/ VEO
2010 21iX s/n 4910 6/10mv/ 18e/ 4DTC/ 120 MLC/ aSi/ OBI-CB-CT-RA/ VEO
2009 Trilogy s/n 4598 6/16mv/18e/ 4DTC/ 120 MLC/ aSi/ OBI-CB-CT-RA
2005 21EX s/n 2954 6/16mv/ 20e/ 4DTC/ 120 MLC/ aSi
2002 21EX s/n 2021 6/23mv/ 20e/ 120 MLC/ Theraview/ VEO
1997 2100C s/n 1194 6/18mv/18e/ 4DTC/ 80 MLC/aSi/IMRT/OBI/ VEO

Varian Low Energy


2008 Synergy s/n 151765 6/10/18mv/ 18e/ 80 MLC/ iView GT/ XVI
2005 Synergy s/n 151168 80MLC/ iView/ XVI
2005 Synergy s/n 151145 6/18mv/ 18e/ 80 MLCi/ iViewGT/ XVI

Siemens PRIMUS

Siemens ONCOR

2008 Artiste s/n 5355 160 MLC
2007 Oncor s/n 5102 6/18mv/ 20e/ 82 MLC/ Optiview

CT Systems


2007 GE Lightspeed RT 16 Slice  

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