LINAC Equipment Relocation

On-Site Refurbishment And Linear Accelerator / CT Relocation And Removal.

To potentially reduce the time and cost required to restore your Linear Accelerator to like-new condition, Avante Oncology Services can perform complete refurbishment services in your facility. Please Contact Avante for further details.

Additionally, one of Avante's specialties is the relocation and disposition of Linear Accelerator and CT devices. We offer a single source solution with the resources, experience and expertise required to:

  • Remove equipment from your current site
  • Transport to the new site
  • Rig equipment in and install through Acceptance

We can also provide you with a service contract, customized to fit the service and budgetary needs of your organization.

If you have older equipment that needs to be disposed of, Avante can remove these units in a proper and authorized manner – and help you extract any remaining value from them.

Looking for something in particular?

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