Rebreathing Respiratory Ventilator Circuits with Disposable Anesthesia Bags

DRE Circuits & Bags come in a variety of styles and sizes. Please select from the list below for specific ordering information.

Rebreathing set includes:

  • 40" x 22 mm corrugated tubing
  • 1-Liter natural rubber latex breathing bag
  • Elbow
  • Luer lock cap
  • Bifurcated wye
  • Machine cuff

Siemens 300 Respiratory Ventilator

Lung ventilator intended for adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients. Arefurbished Siemens 300 Servo Ventilator offers a wide range of ventilation modes together with an Automode function for greater treatment possibilities, shorter weaning times and increased patient comfort.

The Siemens 300 is comprised of 2 main components:

  • Control Unit: Contains the electronic circuits necessary for control of ventilation (panel and knobs).
  • Patient Unit: Continually neasures flow and pressure with transducers.


  • Neonate to adult patient range
  • Wide range of ventilation modes
  • Easy to use
  • O2 air gas module filters bacteria.

Non-Rebreathing Respiratory Ventilator Circuits with Disposable Anesthesia Bags

Non rebreathing set includes:

  • 15" x 22 mm corrugated tubing
  • 1-Liter natural rubber latex breathing bag
  • Gas sample elbow
  • 6' gas sample line
  • Luer lock / twist fit cap
  • Machine cuff

Respironics Esprit Respiratory Ventilator

The flexible Esprit Ventilator combines sophisticated design with easy-to-use features. This microprocessor-driven unit is easily upgradeable and offers a range of modes and breath types including volume control, pressure control, and fully integrated noninvasive ventilation. Because it has no need for wall air or compressors, and can be run on either a power, AC battery pack or an external battery, the Esprit's mobility and versatility make it ideal for use in any setting, from hospital to sub-acute care facilities.

The Esprit now has a new graphics option available, designed to provide clinicians with immediate, real time feedback in order to optimize ventilator settings. Also available is a new color screen option, designed to enhance the clinicians' ability to identify displays and facilitate the Esprit's already easy-to-use graphical user interface.

Newport HT70 Respiratory Ventilator

Reliable ventilation in challenging clinical settings

The Newport HT70 is a flexible respiratory ventilator that is durable enough to withstand many different ventilation situations. Designed to be portable and rugged, the HT70 provides consistent ventilation during home care, transport, hospital long term care and emergency use.

With an easy-to-use color touch-screen, caregivers can easily navigate the ventilator’s many features. The HT70 offers specific screens for various applications, providing both quick default settings and customizable functions. The hot-swappable integrated battery lasts up to 10 hours, and can be easily changed without disrupting ventilation.


  • On-airway flow sensor for more ventilation options — inspiratory or expiratory monitoring alarms, flow or pressure trigger.
  • Hot-swappable battery provides up to 10 hours of operation, can be changed without interrupting ventilation.
  • Battery time and cylinder use estimators provide added peace of mind during use.
  • Built-in oxygen monitoring and alarms alert users to changes or disruptions when using supplemental oxygen.
  • Full-color touch-screen is large and simple to navigate for added convenience.
  • Durable, reliable construction built to withstand a wide range of environments.
  • Efficient gas generator runs cool and quiet and provides consistent volume delivery.
  • Advanced features include alarm quickset, custom presets and custom backup ventilation.

Newport E100m Respiratory Ventilator

The Newport E100M offers built-in valve and versatility in a simple to use ventilator with a history of exceptional reliability.

Innovative new features such as Advanced Trigger Control and Auto-Set Alarms make ventilator management easier and can improve patient care. In addition to comprehensive alarms and monitoring, the E100M offers:

  • Volume or Pressure Ventilation
  • Back-up Ventilation
  • DuoFlow PLUS (with Time-Limited Demand Flow)
  • 8 hour Internal Battery Back-up
  • Built-in Air/Oxygen Mixer

The compact size and advanced features of the E100M allow it to easily fit in those areas of the hospital where space is limited and ease of use is appreciated; for emergency room, intra-hospital transport, post anesthesia recovery, etc. For subacute and long term care applications the E100M offers improved comfort for patients and low cost of ownership for facilities.

Value — The Newport E100M is designed to deliver reliability and versatility. It is ideal for most patient applications, eliminating the need for and expense of age specific or application limited equipment.

Performance — The Newport E100M features comprehensive functions which are easy to learn and easy to use. New advances, such as Advanced Trigger Control and Auto-Set Alarms, simplify the set-up and management of the ventilator. The DuoFlow PLUS system allows you to improve comfort, synchrony and work of breathing for spontaneously breathing patients. And the system's extensive monitoring, alarm systems and built-in battery provide you with added security and safety. On a cost per feature ratio, your best investment for performance and reliability is the E100M.

Flexibility — The Newport E100M mounting and set-up options offer you more flexibility. Adding a compact air compressor allows use of the ventilator where piped-in gas is not available. Mounted on a stand and pole, the E100M is compact and stable for easy mobility. The optional E-cylinder holders streamline patient transport.

Safety — The Newport E100M features maximum patient safety with added functions including Apnea Back-up Ventilation and a Remote Alarm Outlet. When the Auto-Set Alarm button is pressed the E100M automatically selects high and low pressure alarm settings and the built-in battery allows 6 to 8 hours of intra-hospital transport or emergency power operation.


DuoFlow Plus

As you wean a patient, you may gradually decrease the number of mandatory breaths and rely on the patient to take over more responsibility for ventilation with spontaneous breaths. Weaning success may be affected by how the patient tolerates the increase in work load.

Newport's unique DuoFlow PLUS system allows you to make the patient more comfortable during spontaneous breathing by providing a higher flow at the onset of effort which drops to a lower flow as effort subsides. This can ease patient work for spontaneous breathing and also help to decrease expiratory resistance, improve mandatory breath triggering and decrease ventilator gas consumption.

Advanced Trigger Control

Throughout the patient's course of mechanical ventilation, circuit leaks or physiologic changes may impact the effectiveness of the Trigger setting. Since an appropriate Trigger setting is essential for maintaining patient/ventilator synchrony, the bedside clinician must re-adjust Trigger regularly to keep the ventilator sensitive to patient efforts without artifact triggering.

With Newport's introduction of Advanced Trigger Control (ATC), a simple push of a button ensures that the Trigger setting is automatically re-adjusted as patient or circuit conditions change. The ATC feature can provide improved patient/ventilator synchrony even when you cannot be at the bedside.

Interface Output

The E100M features an RS232 Output to interface with a central monitoring system and a 4:1 Inverse Ratio capability which can provide greater ventilation flexibility.

Comprehensive Monitoring

Includes Peak, Mean and Base Airway Pressure, Set Tidal Volume, I:E, Total Frequency and % Battery Charge.

GE Engstrom Carestation Respiratory Ventilator

The Engstrom Carestation is a critical care respiratory carestation for the NICU, Pediatric and Adult ICU, and the Step-down unit.  It offers GE's FRC INview and SpiroDynamics technologies, and is designed to enable the measurement of Functional Residual Capacity (FRC), Tracheal pressures and more.

In addition to seamless data flow and invasive ventilation monitoring the Engstrom Carestation is extremely low maintenance.  It offers a maintenance-free O2 sensor that is standard and never needs replacing. Plus, only one PM check is required annually with no PM recommended replacement parts.

Advanced Monitoring:

  • Advanced nebulization system
  • Operated inline or independently for infants through adults
  • Paramagnetic O2 sensing
  • Non-invasive ventilation
  • Secure access to central stations
  • Sophisticated power management control with battery backup
  • Auxiliary pressure sensor
  • Airway Resistance Compensation
  • Integrated Ventilation and Monitoring

Advanced Ventilation

  • INview* Suite: SpiroDynamics* and FRC INview
  • Plug and play modules
  • Patient Spirometry
  • Gas Monitoring with Metabolics and Energy expenditure (Optional gas module)
  • Neonatal ventilation with the Neo Flow Sensor

Exceptional Design

  • Adaptable to your environment
  • Flexible and moveable display
  • Transferable module bay
  • Quick-release expiratory valve
  • Multiple trolley configurations



Pulmonetic LTV-1000 Respiratory Ventilator

The Pulmonetic LTV 1000 is a new respiratory patient ventilator that works with both hi-pressure and low pressure/low flow oxygen sources. The LTV 1000 is about the size of a laptop computer (12.6 lbs / 5.7 kg) and has one-button operation.It is designed for use with adult, pediatrician and neonatal patients. The large, color coded displays easily convey data to the clinician. A comprehensive alarm package is a standard feature. The LTV-1000 is portable and piston-driven — no compressor needed.

DRE Verdana TC Respiratory Ventilator

A full-featured respiratory ventilator ideal for critical care and transport situations

The DRE Verdana TC Respiratory Ventilator features a simple and compact design, allowing clinicians to easily set up and use the DRE Verdana TC. The DRE Verdana TC is also available with a mobile trolley for moving efficiently throughout your facility.

A combination of fixed keys and touchscreen capabilities provide intuitive navigation, allowing caregivers to efficiently view parameters and adjust settings. The flow sensor and exhalation valve module can be easily removed and sterilized.

For more information on the DRE Verdana TC Respiratory Ventilator, contact an Avante representative today.


  • Critical care respiratory ventilator suitable for use with infants (> 5Kg) and adults.
  • Compact design is easy to assemble in small spaces, making it an ideal transport unit.
  • 10.4-inch color TFT touchscreen for easy viewing of wavelines and loop graphs.
  • Ventilation modes: VCV, PCV, SIMV-VC + PSV, BackupSPONT/CPAP + PSV, Standby.
  • Flow sensor and exhalation valve module are easily removed and sterilized.
  • Fixed keys are intuitive and easy to use.
  • Wave freeze feature lets caregivers isolate and effectively analyze waveforms.
  • Backup ventilation function helps to ensure the safety of patients in spontaneous breathing mode.
  • Customizable alarm system has three tiers based on priority.
  • Built-in active expiratory PEEP valve and synchronized nebulizer.
  • Air mixture device blends O2 and Air.
  • Nickel hydrogen battery can provide 1.5 hours of basic operations.
  • Optional — SIMV-PC + PSV, DuoPhasic/APRV + PSV

Dräger Evita XL Respiratory Ventilator

Customized ventilation for every clinical setting

The Dräger Evita XL is a feature-rich ventilator designed to help caregivers deliver comprehensive, optimal ventilation — from implementation to the weaning process. The monitor responds quickly to individual patient requirements and ventilation situations for increased patient comfort and safety.

The Evita XL offers mask ventilation with NIV plus, which in many cases reduces the need for intubation. When intubation is necessary, the ventilator’s integrated CO2 monitoring helps caregivers ensure correct placement and metabolic stability. Select workflow support functions, including routine O2 suction or automatic P0.1 measurement, can also simplify clinical routines. A unique trolley system allows staff to easily maneuver the Drager Evita XL throughout the care facility.


  • Versatile unit responds quickly to individual patient requirements and changing ventilation situations.
  • Mask ventilation with NIV plus available in all modes with comprehensive monitoring and alarm adaptation.
  • Integrated CO2 monitoring helps verify correct intubation and metabolic stability.
  • Lung protection package offers low flow P/V maneuver to identify optimal-PEEP and pressure settings for lung protective ventilation.
  • Open breathing system with AutoFlow® or PCV+ allows spontaneous breathing in all ventilation modes.
  • Workflow support functions streamline clinical routines.
  • NeoFlow offers flow measurement at the Y-piece for fast response to patient triggering, leakage adaptation, and precise volume delivery for neonates.
  • SmartCare® / PS automated weaning system provides continuous vigilance for opportunities to reduce the level of ventilator support.
  • Automatic tube compensation supports respiratory independence during weaning process.
  • Open breathing system with Mandatory Minute Ventilation ensures that patients, from neonates to adults, will receive the set minute volume, regardless of the spontaneous breathing level.
  • Maneuverable trolley for movement throughout care facility.

GE iVent 101 Respiratory Ventilator

Adaptable, full-featured ventilation for every application

The GE iVent 101 is a versatile respiratory ventilator suited for use in a variety of clinical environments. The customizable features of the iVent 101 allow it to be used in situations requiring invasive or non-invasive ventilation in basic or advanced modes.

With quiet, high-performance pneumatics and an auto-dimming display panel, the iVent101 is unobtrusive to the patient, allowing them to rest and recover in comfort. Operator adjustable alarms ensure safety in each unique patient care environment.


  • Standard volume and pressure control with assist modes and SIMV.
  • Comes standard with CPAP / PSV capabilities.
  • Comprehensive pressure support therapy adjusts for rise-time and flow termination.
  • Preset parameters by patient type for quick and easy setup.
  • User adjustable alarms for respiratory rate, pressure, apnea time, FIO₂ and patient disconnect.


  • Configurations include standard circuit with single or double limb.
  • Display panel features 3 screen views: clinical, daytime, nighttime.
  • Adaptive Bi-Level™ for invasive or non-invasive modes.
  • Auto-dimming display panel.
  • Apnea backup ventilation.

Pediatric Respiratory Breathing Circuit for Respiratory Ventilators

Pediatric Respiratory Ventilator Circuit

  • Pediatric conventional (non-heated wire) ventilator circuits are 60 inches long
  • Utilize 15mm tubing, includes two pressure lines and incorporate standard 15mm and 22mm connectors
  • Ported wyes allow pressure and temperature monitoring and include tethered caps for plugging ports when not in use
  • Inividually packaged
  • Standard pediatric circuit
  • Includes humidifier limb

Adult Respiratory Breathing Circuit for Most Respiratory Ventilators

Adult Ventilator Circuit for Most Respiratory Ventilators

  • Ventilator circuit with in-line water traps (2)
  • Humidifier limb

    Compatible with the following respiratory ventilators:

    • Bird 8400ST
    • Emerson
    • Engstrom Erica
    • Hamilton Amadeus
    • Hamilton Galileo
    • Hamilton Raphael
    • Hamilton Veolar
    • Infrasonics Adult Star
    • Puritan Bennett 7200A, AE, SPE, E
    • Puritan Bennett 740
    • Puritan Bennett 760
    • Puritan Bennett 840
    • Siemens Servo 900A, B, C
    • Siemens Servo 300
  • Newport Breeze E-150 Compact Critical Care Respiratory Ventilator

    The Newport Breeze is a compact respiratory ventilator that is accurate for tiny neonates and pediatrics, while delivering the flow range for adults. This ventilator separates the spontaneous flow system from the mechanical flow system, called 'DuoFlow'. The Breeze offers pressure or volume ventilation packaged with comprehensive alarms. This critical care vent is compact at less than 12 inches square.

    DuoFlow System

    The Breeze separates the spontaneous flow system from the mechanical flow system. We call this 'DuoFlow'. The DuoFlow system allows you to customize the pressure wave pattern of the mechanical breath in order to meet time constant restraints, and then tailor the spontaneous flowrate for maximum patient comfort and minimum work of breathing.

    Comprehensive Alarms

    The alarms are simple to set using the high and low control knobs and easy to read in the back-lit digital display.

    Compact Size

    Less than 12 inches square, the Breeze fits into small areas where space is limited. (It also fits into tight budgets!)

    Built-In Battery Back-Up

    The E150's emergency back up power (for up to one hour) is essential for added safety in busy hospitals.