Mindray A5 Anesthesia Machine

The Mindray A5 Anesthesia Machine provides today’s clinicians with a variety of advanced ventilation modes, an easy-to-use interface and an ergonomic design. The A5 features a 15” touch screen that allows operators to navigate easily between ventilation modes, allowing caregivers to spend more time with patients. The A5 is capable of outputting data in HL7 protocol, the industry-recognized format for EMR systems

  • 15-inch color LCD display with touchscreen
  • Graphical user interface for easy navigation
  • Offers continuous and intermittent anesthesia flow
    • Manual and automatic ventilation modes:
      • Volume Control Ventilation (VCV)
      • Pressure Control Ventilation (PCV)
      • Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation (SIMV-VC, SIMV-PC)
      • Pressure Support (PS)
      • Manual
  • Electronically controlled PEEP
  • 2 large waveforms clearly display pressure and flow, or spirometry loops
  • Virtual flow tubes for clear readings
  • Work table light for increased visibility
  • Mounting rails to connect external patient monitors
  • Rear 3-cylinder mounts
  • Cylinder and central pipeline gas supply connections available for gas input
  • Heated breathing system with adjustable swivel, side hose ports and single turn APL valve
  • Large stainless steel work surface
  • Automatic leak detection for added safety
  • USB mouse support serves as a backup to both the touchscreen and touchpad (on versions 2.01.00 and higher)
  • Available with network upgrade

Drager Apollo Anesthesia Machine

In an increasingly integrated healthcare environment, the anesthesia provider has increasing demands. The interaction between the anesthesia workplace and the rest of the hospital is increasingly complex. With a heightened emphasis on cost reduction in healthcare, our solutions help you reduce operating costs and maximize reimbursement.

Ease of Use

The Drager Apollo® plays an important role in optimizing your anesthesia workflow and reducing process costs with features such as the fully automatic self-test. Since no user interaction is required, you are free to get on with other jobs. In addition to providing you with invaluable assistance through best-in-class therapy, Apollo® also offers you an open-platform architecture - enabling it to be easily integrated into your overall workflow.

Advanced Ventilation

Apollo® has the ventilation technology to care for patients of any age and acuity. The E-Vent plus servo controlled high-speed piston ventilator works with great precision to supply a maximum peak flow far in excess of any bellows ventilator, resulting in the kind of performance previously only seen in the ICU. Additionally, unlike a bellows ventilator, it requires no drive gas. The very short response time has clear physiological benefits for your patients while the digital precision helps you make the most of the latest ventilation modes.

Enhanced Monitoring

Drager's Infinity® Omega Solution and Innovian Anesthesia information management system offer advanced monitoring and data management.  In addtion Infinity's Pick and Go® transport solution not only offers seamless monitoring during transport, its intelligent docking stations and clean cabling system minimize transition times while helping optimize data continuity and patient care.

Unique Low-flow Wizard

Apollo® is designed to support the user in optimal low and minimal flow settings. The consistent use of low-flow anesthesia techniques can significantly reduce the cost of inhalational anesthetic agent. Reducing the fresh gas flow from 3L/min to 1L/min can result in anesthetic agent savings of up to 50%.

User Friendly Ergonomics

The Drager Apollo® has been designed in response to feedback from anesthesiologists and CRNAs from the United States. Drager has developed a consistent and accepted user interface between Apollo® and its entire anesthesia delivery platform including the Fabius GS, Fabius GS premium and the Fabius Tiro. Apollo has many practical and ergonomically sound features:

  • All functional elements in easy reach of seated or standing user
  • Unique breathing bag arm design provides the ultimate in flexibility
  • Unique larger swivel writing surface
  • Integrated auxiliary O2 and pressure gauge where you need them
  • 2 deep drawers for storage (one lockable storage drawer)
  • Integrated footrest and centrally operated brake
  • Integrated and dimmable task lighting
  • Integrated power outlet for desflurane vaporizer
  • 2 or 3 vaporizer mount - Autoexclusion interlock system

Automated Startup

  • Simple, straightforward start-up reduces the burden on the staff and provides complete information on device status
  • Enhanced troubleshooting with clear text directions
  • Integrated breathing system elimates external hoses and clutter, reducing risk of misconnection and disconnection
  • Automatic self test-fully automatic, lasts approximately three minutes, reflects the results to the user and the results are available to the user at any time.

Piston vs Bellows

The anesthesia ventilator has traditionally been based upon a bellows design. After many years of producing bellows type anesthesia ventilators, Dr¤ger adopted the piston design as the platform for the future.

Moduflex Optimax Anesthesia Machine

For more details and information, please see our product listing for the Moduflex Optimax Anesthesia Machine on the DRE Veterinary website.

The Moduflex Optimax anesthesia machine is a working station that combines ingenuity, sophistication and practical common sense. The Optimax is a flexible high end machine that holds 2 vaporizers. This machine is typically used (but not limited to)by Universities, Teaching & Research Facilities, and specialty veterinary surgeons.


  • Rebreathing machine
  • 0.1 to 5 lpm flowmeter
  • Recessed flush valve to prevent accidental activation
  • Quick-connect fresh gas outlet for easy and secure switching between breathing circuits
  • SELECTATEC™ compatiblity manifold for easy and quick installation of two vaporizers
  • Rotary float and large scale for easy readability
  • Vaporizer interlock compatibility
  • Drawer assembly pack
  • Coaxial or conventional CO2 absorber
  • Convenient instrument and upper monitor shelves
  • New momentary closed feature incorporated into our pop-off valve Circuit and line pressure gauges.

Drager Fabius® GS Anesthesia Machine

The Drager Fabius® GS combines advanced ventilation technology with reliable and proven breathing system components, opening new frontiers in ventilation performance while maintaining well-established functionality.

Proven Ventilation Versatility

The electrically driven and electronically controlled Fabius GS E-vent ventilator requires no drive gas. This makes it more flexible and economical to use than traditional gas-driven bellows ventilators by limiting the consumption of expensive medical grade gas to patient use only. Motor-driven hardware and software-controlled functionality also offer virtually unlimited upgradeability. The Fabius GS is suitable for any patient — pediatric to adult — and provides Volume Controlled Ventilation, Pressure Controlled Ventilation, Synchronized Volume Control (SIMV), Pressure Support and Manual/Spontaneous modes. Pressure Support mode facilitates spontaneous breathing by removing the work of breathing due to circuit resistance, improving comfort levels and enhancing quality of patient care.

Electronic Gas-Flow Measurement

The Drager Fabius GS is the world's first anesthesia machine with vertical flow controls and electronic fresh gas flow indicators, enabling you to compare gas flows more easily and intuitively. Additionally, the export of fresh gas data to an information system allows monitoring of gas usage and to promote the use of low-flow anesthesia.

Compact, Convenient Breathing System

The flexible, ergonomic design of the Fabius GS allows for optimal positioning of the semi-closed breathing system (COSY). The COSY can be height- adjusted, pre-assembled on the left or right side of the machine and can be easily removed from the machine for cleaning and sterilization. The COSY not only minimizes set-up and installation time but also substantially reduces the potential for leaks, OR pollution and overall gas consumption. It is simply a smarter and much more ergonomic design.

Intelligent Cable Management

The Infinity monitoring line offers an outstanding cable management approach: The MultiMed® parameter module reduces cable clutter and simplifies patient transfer. Moreover the unique Pick and Go® capabilities of the Infinity patient monitoring system provide continuous monitoring during transport and automatic reconfiguration of site specific parameters with Dräger Medical's innovative Infinity Docking Stations (IDS).

Universal Mounting Platform

The Pick and Go concept also provides significant efficiency and quality benefits. Because the monitor moves with the patient, no separate transport monitor is required and you will need fewer monitors throughout the patient care process. The choice of a fixed-mount monitoring solution or the Pick and Go transport concept gives you maximum flexibility to adapt your complete anesthesia solution to today's evolving requirements.


Our latest monitoring solutions allow you to choose the high efficiency data-access tools that make the most sense for your viewing needs. The new Infinity Omega solution uses a two-screen system approach so you can see patient monitoring data and clinical data simultaneously. It includes a Delta patient monitor with the Infinity Docking Station and a 17" touch screen smart display all to help eliminate information access bottlenecks, keep you confidently on top of your entire environment and offer maximum flexibility for your longterm IT needs. With an optional web browser you can access web-based applications as well.

Drager Fabius GS Safety Functions

Sensitive Oxygen Ratio Controller (S-ORC) guarantees a minimum O2 concentration of 23% in an O2/N2O mixture. N2O cut-off if O2 fresh gas valve is closed or if O2 flow is less than 0.2 L/min. Audible and visual (flashing red LED) indication in case O2 pressure drops below 20 psi (1.38 bar) ± 4 psi (0.27 bar).

In case of electricity and battery failure, manual ventilation, gas delivery and agent delivery are possible. Positive pressure relief valve opens at 75 ± 5 cmH2O. Negative pressure relief valve opens at - 7.5 to - 9 cmH2O

GE Aestiva 5 Anesthesia Machine - Datex Ohmeda

The GE Datex Ohmeda Aestiva®5 is one of the most popular units of its generation, it has a rock solid feature set while being very efficient and user friendly. If you are in the market for technology you already know or trying to match a fleet of GE products the Aestiva® 5 is an excellent choice.

Talk to Avante Health Solutions about taking advantage of well maintained and certified GE anesthesia systems as part of a balanced equipment strategy.

SmartVent - The machine's SmartVent offers excellent respiratory function, but saves the cost of a separate ventilator.  Its flexible design and straight forward operation enhance the SmartVent's capabilities to give a higher level of control.

Low Flow Anesthesia - The Aestiva® 5 provides optimized low flow anesthesia. This enhances safety while reducing the agent operating costs of the machine.

Modular Techology - The flexible open interfaces will allow you to use your current monitors and systems, stay in budget, and still have functional integration. The built-in machine diagnostics makes for streamlined service and preventive maintenance.

Key Features

7900 SmartVent™ Built in Ventilation

  • Volume Mode, Pressure
  • Volume Mode, Pressure Control Mode, Pressure Support (PSVPro®), Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation (SIMV), electronic PEEP
  • Tidal volume compensation
  • Cardiac bypass case mode
  • Quickly move to total standby: end case
  • Easily switch from mechanical mode to manual

Open systems architecture

  • Customizable drawers and shelving
  • Lower height to accomodate add-ons

Patient breathing system

  • Eight machine hoses or cables integrated
  • "No tools" necessary for key components
  • Autoclavable and latex-free
  • Convenient common gas outlet placement

Low flow anesthesia and reduced life cycle costs

  • Fresh gas flow compensation—automatically
  • Smooth, faster acting fresh gas flow control
  • Minimum O2 flow of 50 mL
  • Dual air flow tube for low flow
  • Two scheduled maintenance checks per year


DRE Integra SL3 Anesthesia Machine

The DRE Integra SL3 is the ideal anesthesia machine for today's high-traffic operating room. Expertly designed, clinician-focused features include customizable flowmeter display options, a standard mounting system and a fully integrated ventilator and absorber. The Selectatec-compatible backbar can fit two to three vaporizers. Vital signs monitor sold separately.


  • Choose which flow control visualization display is right for you:
    • Standard/cascade flow tubes
    • Cascade flow tubes with electronic flow display: numeric view of gas flow
    • Virtual Flow Display (VFD): numeric and graphic view of flow tubes with virtual spinning bobbins and traditional total flow tube
  • Selectatec-compatible backbar holds up to three vaporizers
  • Hospital Information System (HIS) capabilities when using electronic flow display or VFD.
  • Convenient pull-out writing space for note-taking and charting
  • Fully-integrated CO2 absorber and bellows unit with ventilator interface
  • Standard GCX™ compatible mounts
  • Large capacity drawers for easy storage

Standard Configuration

  • AV-S Ventilator: A multi-functional model that includes three advanced spontaneous support modes and electronic PEEP. The AV-S Ventilator is designed for both adult and pediatric use, and includes integrated oxygen monitoring and spirometry, plus seamless integration with the anesthesia machine and A200SP absorber.
  • A200SP Absorber: Includes ventilator interface that provides mode switching triggered by the bag or ventilator control. The A200SP features a quick-release canister for easy removal and cleaning. All parts are autoclavable.
  • Sigma Delta Vaporizer: Available with multi-choice fill system options.

DRE Integra SL Anesthesia Machine

The Integra SL Anesthesia System is a compact system for induction in operating rooms where space is at a premium. Clinician-focused choices and benefits, including electronic flow display options, and a functional top shelf module with power outlets and GCX compatible monitor mount.

*Patient Monitor sold separately.


  • Electronic flow display and conventional flowmeter options
  • Fully integrated ventilator and absorber
  • HIS connectivity
  • Intuitive design in a compact footprint
  • Low life costs


  • Electronic flow display and conventional flowmeter options are available
  • Six ventilation modes
  • New top shelf with secure GCX mounting system for patient monitors
  • Territory-specific electrical outlet options
  • Selectatec compatible backbar (one or two stations)
  • Illuminated work space
  • Large capacity drawer units
  • GCX compatible aluminium uprights for additional accessory mounting Integrated CO2 absorber and bellows unit with ventilator interface
  • Fully compliant to ISO 80601-2-13 Standard and to the Restrictions of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive


  • Standard/cascade flow tubes.
  • Virtual Flow Display (VFD) - numeric and graphic representations of flow tubes complete with virtual spinning bobbins, and a traditional total flow tube. Virtual Flow Display also provides touch screen control of back lighting, and under shelf lighting; audible and visual alarms and has battery back up.
  • AV-S Ventilator: An easy to use, multifunction anaesthesia ventilator, designed for adult and paediatric patient profiles. Standard specification includes three advanced spontaneous support modes and electronic PEEP. Integrated oxygen monitoring and spirometry, plus seamless integration with both the absorber and anaesthetic machine, and HIS capability*.
  • A200SP Absorber; A high performance absorber with a ventilator interface that provides ventilator mode switching, triggered by the bag/ventilator control. The unit has a quick-release canister, and the main components are autoclavable. A heater unit is offered as an option.
  • Sigma Delta Vaporizer: Award winning, high performance market leader, offering multi-choice fill system options.
  • Wide choice of territory-specific electrical power outlets, and a forward facing socket.
  • AGS (Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging) system: a patient cable management arm, and a side mounted suction controller kit.
  • Optional Patient Monitor: Lightweight, large color displays with up to 12 waveforms, available with touchscreen control

Drager Fabius Tiro Anesthesia Machine

The Dräger Fabius Tiro combines everything you need to provide high-quality ventilation in small spaces. Its compact design makes it a natural choice for applications where you need to get the most of the available room without having to compromise on features or flexibility. With a wide array of options to choose from, the Fabius Tiro can be customized to suit your needs and even be changed when those needs change.

In spite of its compact size, the Fabius Tiro comes complete with advanced features such as fresh gas decoupling, which maintains constant tidal volumes regardless of fresh gas flow changes. Dynamic compliance compensation and backup ventilation for PS modes let you ventilate with enhanced safety, confidence, and control. In emergency situations, the quick-start feature allows manual ventilation when the device is off, on, or in standby mode for rapid support. Even in the unlikely event of a gas supply failure, automatic ventilation can be temporarily continued.

Tiro Features

  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Highly maneuverable trolley
  • Optional wall or ceiling mount
  • Standardized Dräger user interface for easy and intuitive operation
  • All major ventilation modes
  • High-contrast monitor
  • Intelligent safety features for enhanced patient protection
  • CLIC adapter for use with Drägers orb Clic compatible

GE Aisys Carestation Anesthesia Machine

Significant Savings on the Professionally Refurbished GE Aisys Carestation

The GE Aisys Carestation anesthesia system’s precision controls significantly streamline advanced care. Ventilators, vaporizers, and gas delivery are digitally controlled and integrated data management provide real time patient and system information as well as data exchange.

The built in Advanced Breathing System (ABS) allows for low circuit volumes, which optimizes the machine for low flow anesthesia.

The Datex-Ohmeda Aisys also includes rising multi-breath bellows.   These create a easily visible feedback loop for increased patient safety.

Aisys Carestation Features

  • Ventilation, vaporization and gas delivery are electronically controlled and monitored.
  • Data capabilities enable digital interfacing of patient and Carestation information.
  • The GE Aisys software is easily upgradable to enhance the functionality, add support, and enhance data management.
  • Provides digital feedback on ventilation, drug levels, patient status, and fresh gas usage.
  • Ventilation Modes Include: PCV-VG, pressure control, PSVPro, volume control, SIMV, and manual ventilation.
  • Flexible 7900 SmartVent technology is suitable for neonates, pediatric, cardiac compromised, and standard cases.
  • Built in ABS allows for low circuit volume, which creates fast response, and optimizes low-flow anesthesia.
  • Digital vaporization includes continuous monitoring by multiple embedded sensors to help ensure precise delivery.
  • Digital agent control provides data record keeping of set agent concentrations and usage calculations along with audible low agent alarm alerts.
  • Electronic protocols provide data continuity.
  • Rising multi-breath bellows provide a visual feedback mechanism for patient condition.
  • Smartvent display conveniently compares flow, volume and pressure data over time.
  • Electronic ventilation provides a full assessment of patient’s status. The ventilator is able to distinguish between mechanical and spontaneous breathing. 

Mindray Datascope AS3000 Anesthesia Machine

The AS3000 Anesthesia Machinedelivers precision anesthesia & ventilation assistance.

This system provides a continuous flow of inhalation gas with automatic and manual ventilation modes.


  • Three gas machine (O2, N2O, and Air)
  • Anesthesia agents:Isoflurane, halothane, enflurane, desflurane, sevoflurane
  • Inspiratory and expiratory port
  • Pressure support mode (trigger, T slope, Delta P), SIMV (inspiratory time, inspiratory pause)
  • Optional on physiologic monitors: BIS with Spectrum OR, arrhythmia detection, 12-Lead ECG
  • Optional compatible physiologic monitors (Spectrum OR Anesthesia Monitor, Passport 2 Patient Monitor, Gas Module 3 Multiple respiratory gas monitor)
  • Manual/spontaneous, CMV, PCV, PS, SIMV; for pediatrics and adults

Penlon Prima SP2 Anesthesia Machine

The Prima SP2 features a touchscreen ventilator, autoclavable absorber and accurate Penlon vaporizers


  • Advanced, easy-to-use features for maximum patient safety
  • Fully-loaded specifications as standard
  • Two-vaporizer station as standard
  • Six ventilation modes:
    • Spontaneous
    • Volume
    • Pressure
    • Pressure Support
    • SIMV
    • SMMV
  • Large color touchscreen
  • Low cost of ownership—only two preventive maintenance service visits per year
  • Flexible and sophisticated for all your anesthesia needs

Integrated design and superior build quality

  • High levels of workstation integration
  • Modular construction
  • GCX™ mounting rails for superior mounting solutions
  • Dual oxygen, nitrous oxide and air flowmeters
  • Two oxygen, one nitrous oxide and one air yoke
  • Open architecture for monitors and accessories
  • Many monitoring shelf configurations available
  • Two-station Selectatec® back bar
  • Flowmeter and work surface lighting
  • Four electrical outlets
  • Oxygen auxiliary flowmeter

Balanced ultra low-flow anesthesia and a proven mechanical anti-hypoxic device

  • Specifically designed for low flow
  • 50–75 ml/min minimum oxygen flow
  • 27–33% minimum Oxygen/Nitrous Oxide flow

AV-S Ventilator: Easy to use, multi-function anesthesia ventilator

  • Designed for all patient profiles
  • Volume, PCV, PSC, SIMV and SMMV modes
  • Touchscreen provides immediate operation
  • Comprehensive printer/data outputs for networking and interfacing to patient monitors
  • Integrated oxygen monitor and spirometry
  • Inverse I:E ratio capability
  • Electronic PEEP
  • Autoclavable latex-free bellows
  • Oxygen or air drive gas
  • 30 minutes battery backup
  • Selectable dual waveform display:
    • Pressure v. Time
    • Pressure v. Volume (for ventilation analysis) plus waveform freeze facility
  • Save and recall for user specific settings
  • Flexible specifications:
    • Display mounting option
    • Multi-lingual display
  • Adult and pediatric default settings

A200SP Absorber: Advanced system integration, ease of use and high performance

  • Absorber/ventilator interface provides seamless ventilation mode switching
  • Excellent ergonomics with multi-position mounting and adjustable breathing bag arm
  • Optional heated circuit
  • Protected, integrated spirometry sensors
  • Quick release canister for loose or pre-packed absorbent
  • Built-in oxygen monitor sensors
  • Autoclavable (excluding covers, manometer and oxygen sensor, which are not autoclavable)

Sigma Delta Vaporizer

  • The award winning Sigma Delta has evolved from a distinguished line of vaporizers of the highest quality and reliability into the world market leader
  • Service free (assumes ten-year product life requiring no preventive maintenace service. It is recommended that a service is carried out at ten years)
  • Selectatec®, Dräger Plug-In®, Cagemount, North American Dräger
  • Superb performance, particularly at low flows
  • Halothane, Enflurane, Isoflurane, Sevoflurane
  • Keyed Filler, Quick Fil®, or Pour Fill
  • Low body weight

Dräger Fabius OS Anesthesia Machine

The durable design of the Dräger Fabius OS is built to withstand the demands of the OR

The Dräger Fabius OS is an easy-to-use anesthesia system that meets today’s clinical and business challenges. The Fabius OS is designed for safety, with a backup battery that can support automatic ventilation for up to 120 minutes. Clinicians can also deliver ventilation of fresh gases and anesthetic agents manually in emergency situations. Along with these safety features, the Fabius OS has an ergonomic design that improves performance while creating a streamlined workflow.

The Dräger Fabius OS is available refurbished through Avante Health Solutions. For more information, contact your Avante representative today.


  • Unique fresh gas decoupling valve creates a highly accurate tidal volume
  • Backup battery to support automatic ventilation for up to 120 minutes
  • Ventilation can be delivered manually before the device is switched on in emergency situations where patients require immediate care
  • Tabletop design with pull out writing tray provides ample space for necessary materials
  • Front-panel access to all parameters and modes of ventilation; eliminates navigation menus
  • Open architecture allows the Fabius OS to communicate clinical data to hospital and anesthesia information systems
  • Three large drawers to organize supplies for before, during, and after cases
  • Front facing handles allow for easy positioning of system
  • Intra-op exchange of dispensable soda lime canisters to improve efficiency
  • Fresh gas decoupling valve, precision piston ventilator, and actively heated breathing system creates a safe and accurate delivery of low-flow anesthesia

GE Aisys CS2 Anesthesia Machine

Advanced anesthesia system designed for low flow care environments

The GE Aisys CS2 is an advanced anesthesia system with digitally controlled vaporizer, ventilator, and gas delivery. The intuitive, user-friendly design allows clinicians to easily set up and use the GE Aisys CS2 in a variety of care environments. Features an illuminated workspace and 15-inch color touchscreen.

The GE Aisys CS2 Anesthesia Machine is available professionally refurbished from Avante Health Solutions. For more information, contact an Avante representative today.


  • 15-inch color display with intuitive touchscreen technology.
  • Displays breath-by-breath patient spirometry: airway pressure flow, volume, compliance, PEEP, and airway resistance.
  • Wide range of ventilation modes offered: VCV, PCV, PSVPro, PCV-VG, SIMV, VCV, SIMV PCV, CPAP+PSV, and SIMV PCV-VG.
  • Digitally controlled vaporizer, ventilator, and gas delivery.
  • Streamlined, user-configurable ‘Quick Picks’ for fast adjustments to agent, oxygen, and fresh gas flow.
  • Advanced Breathing System specifically designed for low flow anesthesia:
    • Small volume delivers quick response to changes in fresh gas and anesthetic agents.
    • Rising bellows provide a visual indication to help prevent leakages.
    • Easy-to-operate user interface blends seamlessly into existing workflows.
    • Autoclavable.
  • Unique ecoFLOW technology displays agent consumption, helping to reduce wasteful over-delivery anesthetic gases during non-automated low flow.
  • Auto alarm limits with tunneling alarms aid in optimizing alarm management.
  • Robust design available with three or four drawers.
  • InView 360° patient display is mounted on a moveable arm with complete rotation for clear viewing in countless positions.
  • Intelligent user menus help to reduce set-up time and could minimize training needs.
  • Illuminated workspace can be adjusted for a variety of care settings.
  • Central brake, metal work surface.
  • Supports horizontal and vertical mounting displays.

GE Aespire View Anesthesia Machine

Compact anesthesia machine features a full selection of ventilation modes and large ventilator display.

The GE Aespire View is a compact, industry-leading anesthesia machine with customizable ventilation modes, allowing clinicians to tailor the capabilities of their anesthesia delivery system. The 12-inch color display is convenient and easy to use. Modeled in the same style as standard GE interfaces, clinicians can quickly and precisely operate the unit. The integrated Advanced Breathing system makes the GE Aespire View well-suited for low-flow anesthesia.

The GE Aespire View Anesthesia Machine is available refurbished through Avante Health Solutions. For more information, contact an Avante representative today.


  • State of the art anesthesia machine available with many ventilation modes: PCV-VG, Volume Control, Pressure Control, SIMV, Manual Ventilation, and PSVPro (optional).
  • Customizable ventilation mode configuration, allowing clinicians to tailor the capabilities of their anesthesia delivery system.
  • Familiar user interface allows clinicians to precisely adjust and quickly respond to changes in your patient’s status.
  • 12-inch color ventilator display with color waveform and alarm indicators.
  • Integrated Advanced Breathing System provides a low circuit volume of 2.7 liters for fast-response, low-flow anesthesia.
  • Rising multi-breath bellows provide visual feedback about the patient’s status.
  • Optional — Total fresh gas or total flow sensing (TFSI) module.

DRE Alta V8 Anesthesia Machine

The DRE Alta V8 Anesthesia Machine provides industry-leading anesthesia capabilities at an affordable price.

The DRE Alta V8 is a complete anesthesia delivery system designed for use in pediatric and adult care environments. The three-gas machine comes standard with advanced ventilation modes: VCV, PCV, PSV, SIMV-VC, SIMV-PC, Spontaneous, and Manual. Increase your surgical capabilities with this new, easy to use anesthesia system.

For more information on the DRE Alta V8 Anesthesia Machine, contact an Avante Health Solutions representative today.


  • Complete anesthesia system with various ventilation modes: VCV, PCV, PSV, SIM-VC, SIM-PC, Spontaneous and Manual.
  • Designed for use in pediatric and adult care environments.
  • Three gas machine (O2, N2O and Air) with six-tube flowmeter.
  • Tidal volume setting: 50 ~ 1500 mL.
  • Features a pneumatic system with hypoxic guard system, ORC and O2 flush.
  • Active expiratory PEEP valve is built into the unit.
  • Selectatec-compatible backbar holds up to two vaporizers.
  • Integrated absorber system with heating function and bypass design is easy to assemble, autoclavable and helps to reduce leakage.
  • Eight-inch TFT touchscreen is crisp, colorful and easy to read.
  • Simple and intuitive user interface.
  • Built-in battery.
  • Optional — Auxiliary flowmeter with oxygen port.
  • Optional — ACGO, 3 Yokes, AGSS and Suction.

Drager Narkomed GS Anesthesia Machine

The Drager Narkomed GS is offered professionally refurbished through Avante's biomedical engineering team.  Units are inspected and performance tested in order to properly replace critical parts and components.  Machines are then cleaned and painted to create a new aesthetic look.  Prior to final shipment the units are tested to meet original manufacturers specfications.

Narkomed GS Features 

  • Built-in monitor displays volume, pressure and O2 data. The monitor features a centralized three-tier alarm system that helps physicians quickly recognize critical events.
  • Includes the dependable AV2+ ventilator, which is pressure-limited, time-cycled and volume-preset. It features pneumatic circuitry and electronic timing, plus controls for breathing rate, inspiratory to expiratory ratio, tidal volume, inspiratory flow and inspiratory pressure limit for flexible ventilation. It is capable of inverse I:E ratios with its built-in safety mechanism and is designed for an assortment of conditions. It also uses an economical amount of drive gas.
  • Also includes a fresh gas system, cylinder yokes, back-up battery and O2 flush.

Narkomed Components

  • Two or three vaporizers
  • Absorber
  • Scavenger system
  • Sphygmomanometer

GE Aespire S5 Anesthesia Machine with 7900 Smartvent

Clinician-inspired solutions help improve patient care


  • Enhanced monitor integration capabilities with the GE / Datex Ohmeda Anesthesia Monitor Series.
  • Lightweight and compact for easy maneuverability
  • Optional integrated auxiliary O2 flowmeter and suction control

Advanced Breathing System (ABS™)

  • One step bag/vent switch turns the ventilator on/off
  • Minimal number of parts and tube connections greatly reduces the potential for leaks and misconnects
  • Ease of disassembly (no tools)
  • Fully autoclavable and latex-free

7900 SmartVent Ventilator

  • Volume and Pressure modes with electronic PEEP
  • Synced intermittent mandatory ventilation ( SIMV )
  • Direct access to ventilator parameter settings
  • PSVPro ( Pressure support with Apnea backup mode. )
  • Smart alarms direct user to specific problems and affected parameters
  • Ideal for spontaneously breathing patients

Improved low flow/reduced life cycle costs

  • Only one scheduled maintenance check per year
  • Fresh gas flow compensation – automatically (available with tidal volume compensation option)
  • Minimum O2 flow of 50 mL
  • Dual air flow tubes standard for higher resolution of low flows

Moduflex Elite Veterinary Anesthesia Machine

For more details and information, please see our product listing for the Moduflex Elite Veterinary Anesthesia Machine on the DRE Veterinary website.

Its compact size and base shape, combined with its large castors, provide excellent mobility and stability. This machine is great for general surgery and is often used in orthopedic procedures.Optional scavenger interface and bain circuit adaptor offers increased flexibility.


  • Rebreathing machine
  • 0.1 to 0.4 oxygen flowmeter
  • Rotary float and large scale for easy readability
  • Recessed flush valve to prevent accidental activation
  • Quick-connect fresh gas outlet for easy and secure switching between breathing circuits
  • Convenient monitor shelf
  • SELECTATEC™ compatibility manifold for easy and quick installation of vaporizer
  • 1500 ml CO2 absorber designed for easy and fast replenishing of sodalime. Condensation trap to prevent water build-up in sodalime.
  • Patient circuit with 2 and 3 liter bags
  • New momentary closed feature incorporated into our pop-off valve

Moduflex Coaxial Veterinary Anesthesia Machine

For more details and information, please see our product listing for the Moduflex Coaxial Veterinary Anesthesia Machine on the DRE Veterinary website.

The only true Coaxial CO2 absorber on the market

  • 0.1 to 0.4 oxygen flowmeter.
  • Rotary float and large scale for easy readability.
  • Recessed flush valve to prevent accidental activation.
  • Quick-connect fresh gas outlet for easy and secure switching between breathing circuits.
  • SELECTATEC™ compatibility manifold for easy and quick installation of vaporizer
  • CO2 absorber with integrated coaxial breathing circuit reduces patient heat loss, helps to humidify the inspired gas and reduce clutter.
  • Convenient monitor shelf.
  • Patient circuit with 2 and 3 liter bags.
  • New momentary closed feature incorporated into our pop-off valve.
  • 5 year warranty.

DRE Premier Veterinary Anesthesia Machine

For more details and information, please see our product listing for the DRE Premier Veterinary Anesthesia Machine on the DRE Veterinary website.

The DRE Premier Anesthesia Machine is perfect for short veterinary procedures includingspaying, neutering, dental procedures, emergency, and pre-op induction areas.


  • For rebreathing and non rebreathing animal applications
  • 0.1 to 0.4 oxygen flowmeter with rotary float
  • Designed to use Penlon, Ohio, Ohmeda™ Tech 3 or Dräger™ 19.1 Vaporizers
  • All moving parts are replaceable chrome-plated brass (no plastic)
  • Absorber head components are solid nylon to conserve heat, and chrome-plated brass for replaceable durability
  • Large tank supply hose and breathing circuits included
  • Quick-close pop-off valve
  • Available Refurbished