Drager Focus and History

Drager medical equipment is officially name Draeger Medical Inc. and is a natural segment of Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA ( also known as the Drager Group ).  Drager Group started with a patent to allow "tap beer" from a CO2 pressurized keg to be much more controllable.  The early success with this pressure valve technology allowed Drager to transition into life saving equipment in by the turn of the 20th century.  Their first products related to reliable high pressure oxygen tanks for human consumption which led to devices from soldering and welding equipment to ventilation and respiratory apparatus.  Since that time Drager's slogan "Technology for Life" holds true in all of their businesses.

In 1902 Drager brought their first anesthesia machine to market and has since been a major player in medical capital equipment.  Today Drager Medical is a major worldwide provider of anesthesia machines, respiratory ventilators, infant care equipment, lighting, and patient monitoring. They are very well known and have a rich history in anesthesia and ventilation.

Recent highlights of Drager's medical business include:

  • 1989 - Babylog 8000 Ventilator
  • 2001 - Caleo Incubator
  • 2001 - Savina Ventilator
  • 2002 - Zeus Anesthesia Machine
  • 2004 - Acquires Air-Shields infant care equipment
  • 2008 - Evita Infinity V500 Ventilator
  • 2009 - Polaris LED OR Light
  • 2009 - Anesthesia system Zeus Infinity Empowered
  • 2010 - Dissolution of the joint venture with Siemens; the medical division is once again completely under Dräger’s control
  • 2010 - Babylog VN500 ventilator for premature babies and infants 
  • 2011 - PulmoVista 500 lung function monitor
  • 2012 - Perseus A500 user-configurable anesthesia workstation

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