Physio-Control Focus and History

Physio-Control is leader in external defibrillator / monitors and EMS products.  Physio-Control's Lifepak line is one of the most popular brands in the market.  

In 1999 Physio-Control was acquired by Medtronic, Inc. as it continued to develop the Lifepak 12, 20, and 15 series defibrillators.  In 2012 Physio-Control was acquired by Bain Capital made a private entity. 

Physio-Control pioneered defibrillation technology. In the late 1950s the company founder, Dr. Karl William Edmark, developed a device that sent a direct current (DC) electric shock through the heart to terminate ventricular fibrillation. This first DC defibrillator became the prototype for medical devices used by emergency medical services and hospitals around the world. Ten years later Physio-Control introduced the first portable defibrillator / monitor.

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