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How to Buy Safe Refurbished Medical Equipment for the Dominican Republic

Kary Van Arsdale, Ed.D.

Certified International Commerce Specialist and Director of International Operations, Avante Health Solutions

Buying refurbished medical equipment is a challenging process and buyers need to be cognizant and conduct their own research to ensure they are purchasing from a reputable company. Anyone with a little time can create a beautiful website creating the allure of being a large corporation backing them with service, sales, and a warranty for each product they sell.

Taking the time to do your own research can make sure you do not contact one of those companies. Planning in advance so you are not under a tight deadline can allow more time to find reputable companies with the service, sales, and support needed to find professionally refurbished equipment at a fair price. In the United States there are many options, from the only shell company websites to a fully backed and reputable refurbishing company. Let us show you a few ways to make sure you find the right one.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Refurbished Equipment in the Dominican Republic

Finding affordable refurbished medical equipment for the Dominican Republic can be easy if you find a trusted refurbishing company with many years of proven experience. By starting your search in the United States, you will have more options of experienced companies testing and certifying their equipment with warranties. Once you have found the right company and equipment, now make sure the company can deliver what is promised. When investigating refurbishing companies, you should ask specific questions about each:

  • Actual photos of equipment available for purchase
  • Company FDA registration documents
  • Several local customer references in the Dominican Republic
  • Verify how many years the company has been in business
  • Photos of the company, service facility, and warehouse

How to tell the difference between Refurbished Equipment and Used Equipment.

There are several significant differences between professionally refurbished equipment and used equipment in the Dominican Republic. Doctors and hospital personnel should be diligent when looking for refurbished equipment. Many companies may sell used, dirty, and unsafe equipment and claim their products are refurbished. Here are several significant differences between used/unsafe equipment and professionally refurbished equipment:

Professionally Refurbished Equipment Used Equipment – Be Careful!
  • Tested by Biomedical Engineers
  • Necessary accessories included
  • Painted to match original equipment
  • Arrives clean and ready for use
  • Warranty included
  • Professionally packaged for safe transport
  • Cost effective
  • Not tested, may not be functional
  • May not be complete, missing accessories
  • Dirty, hazardous to handle
  • Without warranty
  • Minimally packaged, possibly damaged
  • Not ready for use
  • Questionably low prices

How do you know you found a Professional Refurbishing Company?

Investing in high quality, professionally refurbished medical equipment in the Dominican Republic can be done if you take your time, research, and evaluate each company. If you have a hospital in Santo Domingo or a Clinic in Punta Cana, purchasing professionally refurbished medical equipment can be done with high quality and cost-effective equipment. Let us show you how to find quality, professionally refurbished equipment. Contact us to see how!