Does a Refurbished Anesthesia Machine Make Sense for Your Facility?

July 3, 2018

By Matt Cameron, CBET | Avante Health Solutions

A properly refurbished anesthesia machine is a good investment for almost any medical facility. Refurbished anesthesia machines often function like new and meet original manufacturer specifications, while costing significantly less than a brand new machine. In this article, you'll learn about the many benefits of refurbished anesthesia machines and get tips on how to choose a reputable refurbished equipment provider.


The Benefits of Purchasing a Refurbished Anesthesia Machine


It's better for your bottom line

The most obvious advantage to purchasing a refurbished anesthesia machine is the heavily discounted price. A properly refurbished machine functions just as well as a new unit, and it can last just as long with proper maintenance. In today's healthcare market, opting for a refurbished anesthesia machine for a fraction of the cost of a factory new model is an attractive concept.

It cuts down on training time

Purchasing a refurbished anesthesia machine similar to the model you're currently using helps to cut down on the learning curve that inevitably occurs when there's a change in your workflow. Instead of training your staff on new, cutting-edge technology you can stick with a platform you already know, allowing you to get back to what you do best -- providing quality care to your patients.

It allows you to plan for larger expenses

Purchasing a refurbished anesthesia machine can leave some flexible space in your budget. For example, save on a professionally refurbished anesthesia machine and put the extra funds toward bigger ticket projects, like upgraded imaging equipment or a new procedure suite.


Know What You're Buying

While the benefits of purchasing refurbished medical equipment are wide-reaching, it's also important to understand that these advantages only apply to properly refurbished equipment from a reputable company. Not all medical equipment refurbishers are comparable in experience, skill, and trust-worthiness.

To avoid the pitfalls of paying for a sub-par anesthesia machine from a dishonest vendor, you need to do some legwork beforehand. Consider the following questions before choosing a professionally refurbished equipment provider:

Do they have the necessary industry experience?

To make sure you're getting the best equipment, you need to work with a company who has put in the time to learn the refurbished medical equipment industry. Determine how long the company has been in business, and their reputation within the market. It's also helpful to work with an established company because it's likely that they'll have greater access to late-model anesthesia machines from leading manufacturers.

Do they employ dedicated anesthesia technicians?

Another sign that a company will be a good refurbished equipment provider is if they dedicate a significant amount of skills and space to anesthesia machine refurbishment. Ask whether the company's technicians have skills specifically relating to anesthesia machines, and if they maintain a dedicated area to anesthesia refurbishment and testing.

Do they follow a set protocol for refurbishing anesthesia machines?

An additional benefit to choosing an experienced equipment refurbisher is that the company has had time to perfect their refurbishment process. A reliable refurbished equipment provider should evaluate, refurbish, repair, and test all aspects of the anesthesia machine.

Here is an example of a typical refurbishment process for a full anesthesia workstation:

  • Evaluation: When an anesthesia machine arrives at the facility, technicians perform a full evaluation of the machine to assess the unit's condition.
  • Biomedical Refurbishment: Technicians replace, repair, and verify the effectiveness of the machine's working parts.
  • Cosmetic Refurbishment: The machine is sanded down and repainted using high-quality, automotive-grade paint.
  • Testing: Once the paint dries and the anesthesia machine is reassembled, the unit is thoroughly tested to make sure it meets OEM specifications.

While it takes more research and preparation to purchase a quality refurbished anesthesia machine, the benefits can far outweigh that initial effort involved.