Intro to the Philips MX40 Telemetry Device

January 21, 2020

The MX Series is the latest in the line of industry-leading telemetry products from Philips and is ushering in a new phase of patient care and device wearability. Learn more about the Philips MX40 Telemetry Device with this in-depth guide from Riley Van Hofwegen, Sales Manager and equipment expert for Avante Health Solutions.

The Philips MX40 is a unique telemetry device that can also act as a patient-worn monitor

One of the most notable things about the Philips MX40 is the large LCD touchscreen on the front of the unit. Unlike its predecessors, the MX40 allows clinicians to visually confirm the proper placement of patient leads and electrodes using the onboard touchscreen – allowing convalescing patients to be more active and mobile.

The unique design of the Philips MX40 allows it to be considered one of the few products in its class that could qualify as a “patient worn monitor,” although it’s primarily still used as a telemetry device.

The Philips MX40 features patient cable inputs at the top of the unit, allowing patients to easily wear the device around their neck, in a bag, or in their hospital gown. While these design updates to the MX40 enhance the patient experience, it’s worth noting that battery performance isn’t as strong as its predecessors: the M4841A, M2601B, and M2601A.

The MX40 is available in three different case configurations:

  • Philips MX40 S01: ECG
  • Philips MX40 S02: ECG and SpO2
  • Philips MX40 S03: ECG and SpO2 upgradability


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