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The Video Laryngoscope: 6 Reasons Why It Is The Most Powerful Tool In Your Hospital’s Arsenal

May 30, 2019

By Kary VanArsdale, Ed.D., Regional Business Director for Avante Health Solutions


Saving patients' lives through prompt diagnosis and treatment is a top goal for every doctor or surgeon. Video laryngoscopes play a key role in helping healthcare providers achieve this goal.

By reducing the threat of cross-contamination, expediting patient care, and enhancing diagnostic precision, the video laryngoscope has established itself as the most powerful tool in a hospital's arsenal. Below are six reasons why you should invest in a video laryngoscope for your hospital or clinic.

1. You will enjoy superior illumination

Studies show there is a great degree of variance in light intensity among traditional reusable laryngoscopes. A laryngoscope's effectiveness could be limited depending on the type of blade and type of illumination used. Poor quality illumination ultimately increases the risk for trauma to pharyngeal tissue and other damage.

Today's best laryngoscopes feature the highest quality LED lighting. With an integrated ultra-bright LED light source, video laryngoscopes reduce the risk of tissue damage. Additionally, their superior LED illumination eliminates the risk of heat damage that can be caused by older model laryngoscopes with halogen lighting.

2. Your patients will receive care faster

Every second counts when a patient is on the operating table or in an ambulance. Many traditional laryngoscopes and some video models are not available with disposable blades, which results in a lengthy disinfection and sterilization process that can delay treatment. Additionally, units that lack an anti-fog mechanism may require preheating, which can also be time consuming.

Today's top video laryngoscopes feature an anti-fog system and disposable blades. There is no pre-heating, pre-soaking, cleaning, drying, or packaging of blades required. And because procedures can be completed faster and without delays, physicians and surgeons are able to diagnose and treat more patients during a regular business day.

3. You reduce the risk of cross-contamination

Traditional laryngoscopes are reusable and are typically used on multiple patients each day. Failure to properly sterilize reusable laryngoscopes puts patients and staff at increased risk for exposure to illness and disease. Even improper storage can result in cross-contamination between patients. A survey of laryngoscope decontamination techniques revealed that many users fail to employ the proper sterilization techniques and confirmed the dangers of cross-contamination from reusable laryngoscope blades:

"The results of our survey reveal that cleaning with soap and water with or without a brush is the commonest technique being followed by 52 respondents (72%). Forty anesthesiologists (54%) admitted that use of disinfectant is not a common practice, and they do not disinfect the blade. Literature reveals that even if low-level disinfectants are used, they do not provide adequate decontamination."

Video laryngoscopes with disposable blades help prevent cross-contamination. They eliminate the possibility that any harmful bacteria would be transferred from patient to patient due to improper blade sterilization. The end result is a substantial reduction in cross-contamination.

4. You will improve your precision

The basic, "one-size-fits-all" design of yesterday's laryngoscopes often placed limitations on users. For example, they were not designed for use by doctors whose hands were smaller or larger than average. As a result, precision was limited because it could be challenging to control the laryngoscope.

The best laryngoscopes have an ergonomic design that improves precision and diagnostic accuracy. They are intuitively designed to boost comfort and handling regardless of the user's hand size. Additionally, they feature a 2.0 anti-fog megapixel lens that prevents condensation from developing and obstructing visibility. Finally, they are made with durable, eco-friendly materials that are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and humidity.

5. You can intubate patients in challenging environments

Laryngoscopes are used all over the world. In many cases, they are purchased from companies in the United States or Europe and shipped overseas to hospitals and clinics in developing countries. The best laryngoscopes on the market feature rechargeable batteries and a micro USB port for easy charging. Here are just a few of the environments that have benefited greatly from portable video laryngoscopes:

  • Mission hospitals and facilities that lack reliable lighting or access to sterilizers
  • Rural hospitals and clinics that are prone to power outages
  • Mobile anesthesia practices that require fully portable equipment

In addition to their versatility, the latest cutting-edge video laryngoscopes were designed with safe, easy transport in mind. Users do not have to remove the batteries prior to traveling and can easily transport them in handy aluminum carrying cases. Finally, doctors can enjoy peace of mind knowing that they are using a device that is not manufactured with toxic materials. These benefits help save the lives of patients while helping to build a safe environment for all people.

6. You can use them to train future generations of practitioners

Few things are more important to the field of medicine than ensuring that our next generation of practitioners is properly trained. Laryngoscopes have evolved greatly since 1913 when Professor Chevalier Jackson designed a blade with a distal light source. Today's best video laryngoscopes make it easy to establish and store files for training staff. They feature internal 8G SD memory cards that are able to record intubations for educational purposes. Nurses and doctors in training can effortlessly review saved records to master the art of intubation and treat future patients with increased precision.

The Bottom Line

Outdated laryngoscopes can present a host of challenges to medical professionals and can create barriers to patient care. One of the best ways to improve efficiency and reduce the threat of cross-contamination is to introduce a video laryngoscope with disposable blades to your practice. The Avante InView HD Video Laryngoscope features the latest cutting-edge technology that safety-conscious, results-minded doctors seek. Here are just a few of the many benefits the InView HD offers:

  • Your choice of disposable or reusable blades
  • A 2.0 megapixel anti-fog lens
  • A rechargeable battery that lasts 200 minutes
  • An internal 8G SD memory card that records intubations for training
  • Superb portability with a weight of less than one pound