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6 Ways to Save on Medical Equipment

May 7, 2023

If you could save up to 40% on equipment for your medical facility, would you be interested in learning how to do it?

From timing your purchases carefully to offering testimonials on equipment you love, there are clever ways to cut the cost of your medical equipment. Check out these tips to see how much you can save.  


Time Your Purchases  

Timing your purchases can greatly impact the price you pay for medical equipment. If you time your purchases just right, you may walk away with thousands in savings. Here are the best times of the year to purchase medical equipment: 

  • End of the year: Suppliers are often eager to clear out their existing inventory and may offer discounts between November 15 and December 31. 
  • End of the quarter: Sales managers are often under pressure to hit quarterly sales goals at the end of March, June, and September. If you contact a supplier during the last two weeks of those months, you could enjoy substantial savings. 
  • Before holidays and special events: Take advantage of contests and special promotions that many companies offer for special occasions. 


Choose Certified Restored Equipment   

Certified restored equipment provides great value for healthcare facilities. Not only can customers save up to 40% compared to new equipment from OEMs, but they are also able to match their current fleet of equipment, which minimizes downtime from additional training on new machines. Certified restored machines are also proven equipment with industry support, so your staff or Avante’s can provide ongoing service and support as needed. Avante offers a large inventory of popular equipment that meets our quality assurance standards, ISO certification standards, and is sure to meet your standards, too.  


Ask About Overstock Items   

Many companies have overstock items that they are willing to sell at reduced prices, especially at the end of the year. While some companies advertise these items, others simply set them aside for wholesale or auction. If you haven’t seen any advertisements for overstock items, ask about them!  


Shop Trade Show Specials  

Exhibitors typically offer show specials and package discounts to customers who remit a deposit during an expo. The last day of a medical expo usually offers the most significant savings as exhibitors attempt to close sales. 


Buy in Bulk  

Purchasing equipment in bulk can result in discounts, savings on shipping and additional fees, and perhaps perks such as additional accessories. You won't know unless you ask!  


Trade a Testimonial for a Discount  

Offering to provide a testimonial on a piece of equipment is a win-win situation for you and your medical equipment provider. For example, if you love the surgical lights you’ve purchased and would like another set at a reduced price, you can ask your sales representative for a discount in exchange for a testimonial or reference.   


Saving money on your medical equipment is easier than it seems.  By following the six tips above and contacting an Avante sales representative, you can stock your facility with certified equipment that meets your needs and budget.