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Choosing the Right Refurbished Medical Equipment for Your Facility

December 6, 2022

Refurbished Medical Equipment

Choosing the Right Refurbished Medical Equipment for Your Facility  

Purchasing refurbished medical equipment can provide great value for healthcare facilities. Not only can customers save money compared to the purchase of new equipment from OEMs, but they are also able to match their current fleet of equipment, which minimizes downtime from additional training on new machines. Unfortunately, not all refurbishing companies are created equally, and neither is their equipment. Follow these guidelines from Avante Health Solutions to make sure you find the right refurbished equipment for your facility that meets your needs, standards, and budget.  

 Refurbished Versus Used  

Many companies have attractive websites and prices, but they may not refurbish equipment to OEM specifications or even at all before selling to unsuspecting customers. This translates into cosmetically and functionally damaged equipment that is not ready for patient use. It also means money wasted on subpar equipment. Before choosing equipment based solely on appearance and price, make sure the equipment is refurbished to like-new condition and ready for patient use. See the chart below for important differences between professionally refurbished and used equipment. 

Research Before You Buy 

Before you purchase any equipment, it’s wise to research the company you’re buying from. To ensure you are purchasing quality equipment from a reputable source, ask these 10 questions before you buy.  

1. How many years have you been in business? 

2. How many years have you served international clients?  

3. Can you provide references for at least three international clients?  

4. Is your company certified by an organization such as ISO?  

5. What type of warranty do you offer?  

6. What is your quality assurance process?  

7. May I see a copy of one of your biomed test reports?  

8. Can you provide photos of your warehouse and biomed lab?  

9. Can you provide actual (not stock) photos of the equipment I want to buy?  

10. Will this equipment arrive ready for patient use?  

If the company cannot answer these questions or refuses to answer them, it probably isn't the right company for you. 

Shop from Avante Health Solutions  

After reading this article, you are ready to shop for professionally refurbished equipment. You can research other companies, or you can take out the guesswork and talk to a sales representative at Avante Health Solutions.  

Avante offers professionally refurbished medical equipment that checks off everything on this article’s list. In fact, because our refurbishment process is so refined, we renamed our refurbished equipment “Certified Restored.” Our restored equipment is certified through our ISO 13485:2016 certification from NSF-ISR, which is the current quality management standard for the medical device industry. As a recipient of this certification, Avante’s Quality Management System demonstrates the ability to consistently meet customer, ISO, and regulatory requirements. Avante also uses an internal quality assurance process which consists of multiple inspections from initial to supervisory to quality assurance. This process ensures our customers receive the highest quality products.   

Contact Avante Today  

With Avante’s large inventory of popular brands, you are sure to find equipment that meets industry standards, your standards, and your budget, too. Call (502) 244-6333 or visit for more information.  


Avante Health Solutions has served medical professionals and distributors in more than 150 countries around the world, and we are continually expanding our reach. We have more than 35 years of experience with international shipments, export documentation, and equipment service, so that we can serve you around the globe.