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How to Access and Evaluate the Siemens CT Tube Report

July 5, 2023

Access and evaluate the Siemens CT Tube report in 6 easy steps. 


Step 1

At the top of the main screen, navigate to the Options drop down menu, which is the third tab from the right. In the Option menu list, select the Service tab. A sub menu to the right will appear. Highlight and select the Local Service Option with a right click of the mouse.


Step 2

Enter the 20-character alpha numeric password. The left field uses the first fourteen characters, and the right field requires the last six characters. Typically, the left field will be auto-filled only requiring the last six to be entered. 

*If no password is available, both fields can be left blank and limited Level Service 1 (Customer) can be accessed. If you start Reports with Service Level 1 (Customer), only the tube history header of the currently installed tube(s) will be displayed.


Step 3

Move the mouse to the top right corner of the home page and select Reports.


Step 4

At the bottom of the left column, the heading Tube will be displayed. The Tube History can be accessed by selecting Current History, which will allow the user to see the history of the tube which is currently installed. Alternatively, All Histories can be selected, an action which will list the files for all tubes that have been installed on the system.


Step 5

When the Current Tube is selected, the window to the right shows the current summary of the tube installed. A summary of all the tube information can be found in the top part of the file.


Step 6

Selecting All Histories will change the screen to the right and depict a list of files for the current tube and separate files for all the tubes that have been installed as well as the reason they were replaced. To exit the program, move the mouse up to the word Exit and click.


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