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How to Maximize Infusion Pump Performance at Your Facility

September 24, 2020

Article by Drew Dennis and Dorian J. Davis


The infusion pump is a ubiquitous device in the patient care process. They can be found in almost any care setting and deliver crucial medications when they’re needed most. Care facilities often maintain a large fleet of infusion pumps, a considerable undertaking for busy technicians and hospital staff. In order to maximize the efficiency of the infusion pumps at their facilities, clinicians can employ some key strategies when it comes to purchasing and maintenance.

Get Cost Savings with Professionally Refurbished Infusion Pumps

The most obvious advantage to choosing refurbished infusion pumps is the price. Even professionally refurbished, late-model infusion pumps are available at a fraction of the cost of brand-new units. A properly refurbished device will function just as well and have a similar service life cycle of a new unit, but without the hefty price tag. With the extra budget refurbished units provide, facilities can plan for larger, more strategic purchases.

Purchasing refurbished infusion pumps is not only a cost-saving tactic, but professionally refurbished equipment can also provide facilities with other unique benefits. Upgrading to a late-model pump often reduces staff training time. Instead of taking valuable hours to familiarize staff with unfamiliar technology on the latest model, facilities can keep using platforms they already know, allowing them to return to what they do best – providing quality care to their patients.

As an equipment refurbishing partner with years of industry experience, Avante Health Solutions provides facilities with one of the widest selections of professionally refurbished infusion pumps in the market today. 

Simplify the Infusion Pump Repair Process

While opting for refurbished equipment can save facilities money, choosing a reliable equipment repair partner can cut down on costly equipment downtime. Facilities can simplify the process for repairing their infusion pumps by working with one reputable company that offers comprehensive services for all common makes and models of pumps. 

Independent equipment repair companies should be able to handle most common infusion pumps currently used in hospitals and other facilities, including the Medfusion 3500, the Sigma Spectrum and Infus OR from Baxter, and more. Repair technicians should have the skills and knowledge to undertake a variety of repairs, from preventive maintenance, calibrations, corrupted software, component-level repairs, and everything in between.

Avante Health Solutions offers comprehensive repair solutions and leads the industry in terms of response times and equipment turnaround. Avante handles all infusion-pump related repairs, in addition to patient monitors, fetal monitors, modules, telemetry, and more. Technicians use certified, specialized processes to make sure equipment is repaired quickly and efficiently, with loaner and exchange programs available to help cover facilities while equipment is being serviced. 

Increase Flexibility with Rental Options

While a tremendous amount of planning goes into the management of equipment inventory, seasonal demands can quickly change the needs of any medical facility. As medical facilities continue to cope with unexpected viral outbreaks, whether our current COVID-19 pandemic or yearly influenza spikes, more facilities are turning to medical equipment rental to help maintain the availability of infusion pumps and other critical equipment.

Equipment rental services can give facilities quick access to critical equipment with same-day shipments or onsite delivery. Instead of waiting on equipment manufacturers or completing purchase orders, rental companies can expediently get ready-to-use equipment into the hands of hospital staff. 

Facilities can also make the most of their budget dollars by opting for rented equipment. Rental costs are usually allocated to operating budgets, leaving valuable space in capital equipment budgets. Instead of investing in a fleet of medical equipment and being solely responsible for costly upgrades, working with a rental partner also offers increased flexibility to trade out equipment as needed.

Avante’s rental division offers both long- and short-term rental services on infusion pumps and a variety of other equipment options. Our long-term rental plans also usually include annual biomedical service, which can also save facilities money on upkeep.

Avante Health Solutions has years of experience providing medical facilities with comprehensive infusion pump solutions including access to an inventory of professionally refurbished infusion pumps, infusion pump repair, and infusion pump rental. 


About the Authors

Drew Dennis is the Division Manager of Rental Services for Avante Heath Solutions. Dorian Davis, BMETII, is the Lead Technician Pumps Department for Avante Health Solutions Center of Excellence in San Clemente, Calif. For more information on capital equipment and service solutions, visit