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How to Find a Comprehensive Patient Monitoring Equipment Partner

February 1, 2023

As a key component in almost any medical setting, patient monitors come in many varieties and sizes. Throughout the course of patient treatment, clinicians can use a combination of bedside and portable monitors. Keeping an entire fleet of patient monitors in good working order in any facility, especially a large hospital, requires expertise, time, and money.

Facilities can manage their patient monitors more efficiently and increase their ROI by partnering with a comprehensive equipment provider. Comprehensive equipment providers not only supply equipment, but they also offer service, repairs, and ongoing technical support to ensure your equipment is running smoothly. In this article, you will learn what to look for in a patient monitoring equipment provider in order to maximize your facility’s efficiency and budget.

Cost-Effective Sourcing

When choosing a patient monitoring provider, we suggest working with a company that offers a large inventory of certified restored monitors in various types, brands, and models. Look for a company who can offer monitors from all the top manufacturers including GE, Philips, Draeger, and more. 

While the biggest, most straight forward benefit of certified restored monitors is the cost savings, certified restored medical equipment can also provide facilities with other benefits. A late-model, certified restored patient monitor can integrate more seamlessly into an existing fleet, reducing staff training. Additionally, certified restored equipment functions and looks like new equipment at a fraction of the cost. 

Avante Health Solutions is well-known for its wide selection of patient monitors. Avante offers certified restored monitors from top manufacturers at a cost-effective price point.

Fast Service and Repair  

In addition to sourcing the right models, a true comprehensive provider will offer flexible, simple service on their patient monitors with a quick turnaround. Be sure to ask a prospective equipment provider what their repair process entails. A reputable company will have simple services in place which will allow facilities to easily communicate equipment errors and send in their equipment for repair.

When choosing a patient monitoring repair partner, make sure the company has the skills and expertise to handle a variety of repairs on all major brands. The company should have thorough processes for repair and documentation and should communicate this effectively with customers. An easy way to determine whether a company is quality-focused is to ask if their processes have been certified by a regulatory agency.

Avante offers patient monitoring repairs at component level. Repair technicians at Avante understand how time-consuming the repair process can be for facilities, so they have streamlined the process to be quick and simple. Avante’s dedication to quality products and services is depicted in our ISO 13485:2016 certification through NSF-ISR, which is the current quality management standard for the medical device industry. As a recipient of an ISO 13485:2016 certification, Avante’s Quality Management System demonstrates the ability to consistently meet customer, ISO, and regulatory requirements. Furthermore, Avante uses an internal quality assurance process which consists of multiple inspections from initial to supervisory to quality assurance. This process ensures you receive the highest quality products because you and your patients deserve nothing less. 

In-Demand Parts

Beyond equipment sourcing and repair, a patient monitoring equipment partner can also give facilities access to component parts. Being able to easily order and receive patient monitoring parts allows hospital biomedical technicians to perform maintenance and minor repairs in-house, which allows them to quickly get the equipment back on the floor.

Avante has one of the largest selections of patient monitor component parts in the industry today. Our inventory consists of more than 200,000 parts and equipment. With an inventory of both OEM- and Avante-brand replacement parts, Avante empowers the biomedical community with the parts they need in their facilities. 

Choosing a patient monitoring provider can be daunting, but following this guide can help you find a reputable and comprehensive provider that will move healthcare forward in your facility. 

Avante Health Solutions is moving healthcare forward. We are an industry-leading provider of diagnostic imaging, medical-surgical, patient monitoring, and ultrasound equipment. As a comprehensive provider, we partner with our customers from consultation and installation to service, repair, and ongoing technical support.