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Remote Support: A Cure for your equipment maintenance challenges during a pandemic

June 23, 2020

Article by
Andy Wheeler, President of Avante Health Solutions Charlotte


"Flatten the curve" with Remote Monitoring

Doesn't it seem that service demands always come in spikes, with equipment failures somehow occurring all at once? With the right remote monitoring solutions, you can stay on top of potential failure points to prevent emergency calls from stacking up on you. Remote monitoring systems measure and track critical data points and report back to you. While these systems are especially critical when monitoring cryogen and cooling systems on MRI, remote monitoring provides significant value in other imaging modalities as well. Make sure that your potential solution monitors the full range of data points and equipment that you will need. Feature-rich systems, such as Avante's OnSite remote go beyond environmental sensors and monitor equipment technical data and performance. Combined with years of expert service know-how, the systems can even use data analytics to suggest recommended actions and parts, displaying all your imaging modality data in one user-friendly interface.

Increase Social Distancing with Remote Diagnostics and Service

Currently many hospital departments are still limiting the number of people in work areas. Even when essential service must be performed, technicians are faced with increased risk as well as screening and PPE requirements that slow the service delivery process. Remote diagnostics can help by offering a safe and efficient tool to complete many troubleshooting steps remotely. A trained engineer at one site, can efficiently view errors elsewhere within their healthcare system to triage those problems and be more well-equipped once they arrive. Systems like Avante's Onsite can even replicate a service environment as if the technician was sitting at the console.  The increased efficiency also helps to offset the increased demand on technicians as hospital systems and service departments will be squeezed for resources now and in the future.

Isolate Problems with Technical Support

It is likely that service departments will be challenged and run thin due to the COVID-19 crisis, and they will be expected to do more with less. The current shutdown will likely lead to pent-up demand and longer working hours for the equipment (and technicians) in the future. Potential seasonal outbreak cycles could also pose this very same challenge. When the need to solve problems most effectively and efficiently arises, expert technical support can be a tremendous time saver, potentially reducing the need for outside service.  Frontline engineers are often required to work on multiple brands and modalities and their equipment exposure time is limited only to service events. As demand picks up service availability times will be limited even further. Having access to a technical support hotline like we provide at Avante Health Solutions empowers the service technician by providing direct access to a modality expert who can work alongside them, shortening the troubleshooting process by providing access to extensive knowledgebases and decades of system experience.

Keep Up with Distance Learning

Due to ongoing travel restrictions and likely decreased travel opportunities in the future, some companies have transitioned their training and clinical application programs to be accessible via virtual platforms. Instructors are leveraging today's connected technologies to bring the classroom to you and there are even customizable offerings allowing the technician to work with equipment onsite while the instructor works with the very same equipment at the training facility. This approach has already been leveraged by Avante Health Solutions to continue to deliver ultrasound systems and provide clinical in-service without having to jump on a plane. These innovative new approaches to training, are available with Avante Academy, allowing technical and clinical staff to work safely within the COVID-19 restrictions without falling behind. 

The SARS-CoV-2 outbreak and resulting COVID-19 crisis have impacted our lives and the nation's healthcare system in unprecedented ways. Evolving and ever shifting challenges have created the need for innovative, flexible, and dynamic service solutions. Partners such as Avante Health Solutions can assist your team with the tools and solutions to continue and improve your critical services with increased capability, efficiency, and safety.