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How Facilities Across the Globe Are Benefiting from Medical Equipment Rental

Facilities across the globe are utilizing rental equipment as a way to add versatility to their inventories while decreasing operating costs. We talked to two Avante medical equipment experts who provide premium rental equipment to facilities domestically and outside of the United States.

How to Determine if Donated Medical Equipment is Your Best Option

Non-profit organizations serve as the link between the donors and the clinics receiving the equipment, so not only is it your responsibility to confirm that the donation is quality equipment, but you should also determine whether it is suitable for the eventual recipient.

Searching for a Volunteer Opportunity? 3 Simple Steps to Narrow Your Search

Congratulations on moving forward with your interest to volunteer and serve others. It can be overwhelming completing a google search and learning about all the non-profit organizations that offer mission trips and volunteer opportunities. This initial search can leave your head spinning.

Guest Post: When I Touched His Hand, He Touched My Heart

We are so happy to introduce Bernie Morris, Chief Financial Officer at Blessings International, as our first guest blogger. Avante is proud to partner with Blessings International through our medical missions rental program where we donate Albendazole deworming medicines for up to 500 patients.

Advice for Families and Friends of Missionaries Upon Their Return

Adjusting to being back home after a medical mission trip can be a challenging process. Use these tips to talk to your loved ones about their mission experience.

Share Your Medical Mission Story

Avante Global Outreach wants YOU to be a guest writer for our blog. Share the successes and challenges you faced on your medical mission trip. We would love to hear from you!