Share Your Medical Mission Story

Thank you for your interest in Avante Global Outreach. We have been an international supplier of medical equipment for over 35 years. Since our conception, we have strongly encouraged and supported non-profits offering global aide to those that are less fortunate and lack resources. One goal we have for this newly launched Avante Global Outreach blog is to invite guest bloggers to write an entry for our site, and we would love to write for your blog as well.

Write for us!

We want YOU to be a guest writer for our blog! We want our viewers to hear your medical mission story. Is it a success story? A story about a challenge you faced? Whatever kind of story it is, we would love to hear it.

Here are a few subjects you may want to cover in your 1-2 page entry. We kindly ask that you provide us appropriate pictures of you, your team, and the work that you do!

  • How did you prepare for your first mission trip physically, spiritually, and mentally?
  • What was the biggest shock? How did you react and how did you get through this shock?
  • Why did you become a medical missionary?
  • How does one pick a location to serve?
  • What are the biggest challenges?


You are certainly not limited to these questions, and please do not think you have to answer them all. These topics would be answered best by someone who felt the calling and jumped in head first.


For more information on purchasing equipment for medical missions, non-profits and disaster relief efforts, contact Amanda Cannady via email at or by telephone at 502-253-4151 ext. 266.

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