An Inside Look at Avante's Anesthesia Machine Refurbishing Process

September 30, 2015

In critical situations, you need an anesthesia machine that you can trust. Our professional refurbishment process has been fine tuned for over 30 years to ensure a quality product every time.

Since 1984, Avante Health Solutions has helped clients in more than 150 countries attain affordable, dependable anesthesia machines that function flawlessly and look beautiful. Our expert team of biomedical technicians has developed a comprehensive plan for fully refurbishing anesthesia machines to meet original equipment manufacturer specifications.

Our biomeds can restore previously-owned anesthesia machines to differing degrees and price points. Fully-refurbished machines have been both cosmetically and biomedically restored to like-new condition, meeting all requirements and regulations. Nursing schools, simulation laboratories and other teaching facilities benefit from purchasing machines partially-refurbished by Avante technicians.

To completely restore an anesthesia machine, the company has developed a multi-step process that ensures each unit receives the full treatment.



When a machine arrives at Avante Health Solutions, a technician assesses its condition. Once the unit is evaluated, technicians make a comprehensive refurbishment plan.

Biomedical Refurbishment

Experienced biomeds replace, repair and verify the effectiveness of the anesthesia machine’s internal working parts.

Cosmetic Refurbishment

The machine is sanded down and painted to its original, manufactured color with high-quality, automotive-grade paint.


Once the unit dries and is reassembled, the machine is thoroughly tested to make sure it meets OEM specifications.


Avante's quality-control and shipping experts perform last checks and carefully pack each anesthesia machine to be shipped to anywhere in the world. Avante has the experience to ship equipment in a variety of ways, including blanket service, equipment crating, and container shipping. We take great care to ensure that each anesthesia machine arrives in top condition.

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