Oncology Services International Announces Strategic Relationship in Turkey

Montebello, NY – April 19, 2016 – Oncology Services International (OSI), the world’s leading independent service organization for radiation oncology devices, announced the signing of a strategic relationship in Turkey with Teramed, an affiliate of MesiMed.

OSI is already the leading alternative to OEM post-warranty service in the United States and, through a series of joint ventures and strategic relationships, provides quality choices to radiation therapy providers globally.

“We are pleased to announce yet another international strategic relationship,” stated Richard J. Hall, President and CEO. “Today more than ever, radiation therapy facilities, both in the United States and globally, are looking for cost-effective alternatives to OEM service contracts.”

The strategic relationship will connect Teramed’s team of experienced service engineers with the training and tech help support network of OSI. Through its subsidiaries, joint ventures, strategic partnerships and direct sales, OSI continues to expand its commitment to oncology — combining world-class resources with local expertise and service.

“This announcement demonstrates OSI’s continued success at ‘shattering the myth’ of OEM exclusive technical skills, contributing to our growing share of linear accelerator service business, both in the United States and internationally,” concluded Hall.