Most Valuable Biomed Department (August) - Hurley Medical Center

September 6, 2019

By Carissa Gurney


Hurley Medical Center, located in Flint Michigan, has devoted itself to bringing innovative, leading-edge technology and medical services to Flint and Genesee County. From their expertly trained physicians and nurses to their highly innovative technology to our state-of-the art facilities, Hurley is widely recognized as a medical center of exceptional excellence.

Hurley Medical Center’s clinical engineering team is made up of seven dedicated biomeds that manage and service approximately 10,000 assets for this 418 bed hospital.

Featured above from left to right: Ed Gassell (Bio Med Tech), Mike Jackson (Bio Med Tech), Leo Beckman (Bed Repair Tech), Tony Dahl (Bio Med Supervisor), Josh Lawson (Bio Med Tech), and Doug Beal (Bio Med Tech).

Not featured: Mike Joseph (Bio Med Director).


Q: What specific roles does your biomed department have in the hospital?

Our BMETS specific roles are Respiratory, Anesthesia, Patient Monitoring, and everything in between.

Q: What are some efficient strategies your department uses to maintain the equipment, while also dealing with hospital upgrades, projects, etc.?

Our department uses the Lean Process Method incorporating the 5 “S's”; Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain. This strategy better prepares us with projects and hospital upgrades.

Q: Are there any fun projects you are currently working on in the hospital?

We are currently installing an asset tracking system to locate equipment. This will be a big help in completing our PM’s on time.

Q: How does using third party repair companies like Avante Patient Monitoring assist your biomed department?

We don’t have the resources like a lot of the bigger hospitals in the area. Avante has always given us the lowest price possible when purchasing and servicing our equipment.

Q: Feedback on your positive experiences with using Avante Patient Monitoring, formally Pacific Medical.

Brandon Smith has been great to work with and his response times are excellent! He follows through and gives us the best options to fit our needs. We appreciate his dedication to our department and Hurley Medical Center.  


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