Most Valuable Biomed Department (October) - Summerlin Hospital

October 25, 2019

Summerlin Hospital, a Joint Commission accredited hospital, has been providing quality healthcare to the residents of Summerlin and the Las Vegas area since 1997. Located in a premier master-planned community, Summerlin Hospital is one of the most comprehensive healthcare facilities in southern Nevada. Summerlin provides exceptional quality patient care in a safe and compassionate environment, and provides a positive healing experience for patients and their families.

Summerlin Hospital’s clinical engineering team is made up of six dedicated biomeds that manage and service assets for this 485-bed hospital.

Featured above from left to right; Greg Seastrand, Matt Bieber, John Kim and Frankie Ebiya.


Q: What specific roles does your biomed department have in the hospital?

Our main focus is to ensure that all medical equipment that connects to a patient is in good working order. This includes preventative maintenance and upkeeping internal and external components.


Q: What are some efficient strategies your department uses to maintain the equipment, while also dealing with hospital upgrades, projects, etc.?

You know the old saying, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? Not only is that true when it comes to health, but its true with equipment as well. Keeping up with preventative maintenance ensures the integrity and longevity of the equipment, thus freeing time for our department to focus on projects.


Q: Are there any fun projects you are currently working on in the hospital?

Our biomed team is such a positive group of individuals. Thanks to the enthusiasm of the crew, every task seems to become a fun project.


Q: How does using third party repair companies like Avante Health Solutions assist your biomed department?

Working with third party companies like Avante Health Solutions provides us easy to reach tools that give us a sharp edge. Having all the tools makes a huge difference, especially when lives are on the line.  

Q: Feedback on your positive experiences with using Avante Health Solutions, patient monitoring division.

The staff at Avante is always friendly, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to. The communication from our Account Manager, Rob Pettay, throughout the process is unparalleled. The turnaround times are absolutely remarkable.



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