Respironics BiPap Vision Ventilatory Support System

Respironics BiPap Vision Ventilatory Support System

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Accurate, Reliable, and Easily Upgradeable Ventilatory Support System


Integrated Display Screen

Integrated Display Screen displays easy-to-read real time graphics in waveform or bar scale format, providing the following measured and calculated numerical values to assist with ventilator management:

  • IPAP
  • Total Breath Rate
  • Exhaled Minute Ventilation
  • % Patient Triggered Breaths
  • Exhaled Tidal Volume
  • EPAP
  • Ti/Tot
  • Peak Inspiratory Pressure
  • Patient or Total Leak


  • CPAP and S/T are available for maintaining airway patency and providing pressure support ventilation.
  • PAV * /T (Proportional Assist Ventilation/Timed mode) helps to promote improved patient comfort and enhanced patient/ventilator synchrony through independent adjustment of Volume and Flow assist based on the patients disease state.

Oxygen Control up to 100%

Allows you to blend oxygen within the unit in concentrations ranging between 21-100% without auxiliary oxygen tubing attached to the mask.

Pressure Regulation at the Mask

Pressure regulation at the mask allows you to regulate pressure therapy to assure delivery where it counts (not inside the machine), and automatically adjusts for variations.

Upgradeable Design Provides Flexibility

Upgradeable features provide flexibility in your purchase decision, now and in the future. The Vision System gives you the ability to upgrade instead of buying a new machine for each medical revolution.

BiPAP® Auto-Trak Sensitivity™

Optimum Response Automatically. The innovative development ofAuto-TrakSensitivityTM enables the BiPAP Vision System to automatically respond to changing breathing patterns and circuit leaks by identifying leaks and adjusting variable sensitivity thresholds for optimum response with every breath.


Control Ranges and Increments: Parameters

ParametersControl RangeControl Increment
IPAP4 to 40 cm H2O1 cm H2O
EPAP4 to 20 cm H2O1 cm H2O
CPAP4 to 20 cm H2O1 cm H2O
Rate4 to 40 BPM1 BPM
Timed Inspiration0.5 to 3.0 sec0.1 sec
IPAP >Rise Time0.05 to 0.40 sec4 set points: .05, .1, .2, .4 sec
Oxygen Concentration (%O2)*21 to 100%4% from 21 to 25%
5% from 25 to 100%

*With optional Oxygen Module

Control Ranges and Increments: Alarms

AlarmControl RangeControl Increment
High Pressure5 to 50 cm H2O1 cm H2O
Low PressureDisabled;0 to 40 cm H2O1 cm H2O
Low PressureDelay 0 to 60 sec1 sec
ApneaDisabled; 20 to 40 sec4 set points: Disabled, 20, 30, 40 sec
Low Minute VentilationDisabled; 1 to 99 L/min1 L/min
High Rate4 to 120 BPM1 BPM
Low Rate4 to 120 BPM1 BPM

Display Ranges and Increments

ParametersControl RangeControl Increment
IPAP0 to 50 cm H2O1 cm H2O
EPAP0 to 50 cm H2O1 cm H2O
CPAP0 to 50 cm H2O1 cm H2O
Rate0 to 150 BPM1 BPM
Exhaled Tidal Volume (VT)0 to 4000 ml1 ml
Minute Ventilation (Min Vent)0 to 99 L/min1 L/min
Total Leak (Tot Leak)0 to 300 L/min1 L/min
Patient Leak(Pt. Leak)0 to 300 L/min1 L/min
Peak Inspiratory Pressure (PIP)0 to 50 cm H2O1 cm H2O
Percent of Patient Triggered Breaths (Pt. Trig)0 to 100%1%
Ti/Ttot0 to 100%1%