Aaron 950 Bugbee Urology Electrosurgical Package


Ideal for fulguration of small bladder tumors

DRE's Bugbee Urology ESU Package includes an Aaron 950 Electrosurgical Generator/Desiccator plus the following accessories:

  • Footswitch
  • Reusable 4 French Electrode with Ball Tip
  • MSB Bugbee Cable
  • Bugbee Adapter
  • Sharp Dermal Tips
  • Blunt Dermal Tips
  • Disposable Electrodes
  • Reusable Grounding Cord
  • Disposable Grounding Pads
  • Handpiece Drapes
  • Wall Mount Kit
  • Power Cord
  • Handpiece

Click here for more information on the Aaron Bovie 950 Electrosurgical Generator/Desiccator, which can also be purchased without the Urology Specialty Package.