Amsco Polaris O.R. Lights


DRE sells refurbished Amsco Polaris Surgical O.R. lights in dual or single-head, track or center-mount configurations. The Polaris lights feature patented folded optics technology for excellent quality illumination for superior performance in every class. With fully adjustable intensities and fields of view, Polaris has the versatility to handle a wide range of surgical procedures.

Each light head features an independent Variable Intensity Control from 3,300 to 9,000 foot-candles for optimum brightness. Polaris light heads feature small, medium and large pattern selection for the appropriate field of view. The result is superior visualization quality for a complete range of procedures. Sterilizable handles are optional.


  • Dual Surgical Lights Center Mount
  • Single Surgical Light Center Mount
  • Lighthead provides cool, shadow-reduced, color corrected light appropriate for surgical procedures.
  • Design prevents direct glare and disposes of 98% of its generated heat.


  • Bright, consistent illumination and constant pattern definition.
  • Large depth of field eliminates the need to continually refocus during a procedure.
  • Good shadow control and maximum cavity illumination.
  • Optimal brightness is achieved without glare.
  • Skin and operative tissue appear in a natural state without color distortion.
  • Easy to grip sterile handle makes for easy positioning and adjustment of pattern size.
  • Good ease of maneuvering during procedures.
  • Good range of light intensity adjustment.
  • Easy-change bulb can be changed in a matter of minutes.
  • The high quality, high gloss finish facilitates easy cleaning.