DRE Maxx Luxx Select Surgery Lighting System


Maximum illumination for today's surgical suite

Features excellent shadow reduction, easy-to-operate controls and full freedom of movement

The Maxx Luxx Select features compact, easy-to-position lightheads that provide superior shadow reduction. The system allows you to control all light functions from within the sterile field, and incorporates a state-of-the-art cooling system to deliver color correct, ultra-cool light. It is available with one, two and three lightheads, as well as integrated monitors.

  • Deep Cavity Illumination: Depth of field negates the need to refocus midway through a procedure.
  • Shadow Control: The multi-faceted reflector generates 1,890 individual rays of light, which will tolerate a large percentage of the projected light being blocked before a shadow is evident.
  • Long Lasting Bulbs: Provide as much as 1,000 hours of uninterrupted light.
  • Cool Light: The use of a custom-designed IR filter provides maximum comfort during long procedures by reducing radiated heat to a minimum.
  • Sterile Positioning Handle: The handle can be removed for sterilizing or used in conjunction with a sterile cover.
  • Full Articulation: The sturdy free-moving support arms provide a full range of movement while remaining totally stable once positioned.
  • Clean Lines: Aesthetics reduce visual clutter and improve cleanability.
  • Color-Corrected Light: Lamp optimized at 4,300° K, which can ensure color clarity of the surgical light.
  • Convenient Controls: Controls for intensity provided on either of the sterile handle or from the wall-mounted panel (or both).

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