Oakworks Spine Positioning System II

Oakworks Spine Positioning System II

Brand: Oakworks
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Solution for imaging, stability and comfort issues associated with performance of spine procedures

The Oakworks Spinal Position System II has all of the great features of the SPS original with new, upgraded features. The SPS II enables faster, more effective procedures. Procedural setup time is reduced, patient comfort is enhanced, and unwanted movement is minimized. The Target anatomy is more readily visualized, which allows the physician to perform more efficient spine procedures.


  • New Velcro strap securely fastens the system to the table to minimize movement when patients get on and off the table.
  • Wider contoured torso support pad in the are inferior to the arms
  • Longer taper (2") has been added to the end of the torso support pad to allow for a smoother transition from the highest to lowest point.
  • New foam system offers greater comfort with less compressibility.
  • Chest section is 2" longer so the elbows can be brought back further for both comfort and improved visibility of the lower cervical/upper thoracic segments.
  • The single contoured torso wedge is all that is needed with the new thicker contoured torso support pad.
  • Adjuster pads are 1.5" thick instead of 1" in the SPS, making them more functional.
  • Single-cam locking system for easy adjustments.
  • Thinner face rest combined with change to linkage design and update to the locking mechanism, allows the face to be located closer to the base by 1". This increases the relative distance between the top of the torso pad and the face rest pad allowing for greater neck flexion at a lower overall torso pad height.
  • New linkage angle permits lower head positioning with optimal angles, while minimizing linkage interference with the table top.
  • The new system features a newer/stronger linkage element that attaches to the base.
  • New, minimized head rest support linkage allows lower head positions and further minimizes the metal near the imaging area.
  • The opening in the frame has been changed to increase strength/stiffness to the base while maintaining the same functional equivalent of airflow as the SPS.