Select Zoll M Series Defibrillators are available new or professionally refurbished. Please contact Avante Health Solutions for details.

A Model for Every Application – One User Interface

Zoll M Series defibrillators offer a full lineup to meet your clinical requirements.  In order to make the line easier to use, Zoll has taken the care to standardize the interfaces and common features between units to reduce training and speed up decision making.

Easy to Use and Consistent Across Models

  • The most compact and easy to read unit in its class while offering a built-in AC power and battery charger that doesn't add size or weight.
  • System features consistent controls and easy to use menus to reduce training costs, optimize operation, and minimize errors.
  • Rectilinear BiphasicTM waveform provides superior efficacy while optimizing patient safety.
  • External Pacing offers superior capture at lower mean thresholds, reducing muscle artifact and ensuring improved patient comfort and tolerance.
  • Event documentation from internal memory, along with removable PCMIA cards for data transfer. The M series includes RS232 data transfer capabilities.
  • Specific paddles and electrodes are available for a wide variety of applications.

Feature Rich

  • Zoll M Series upgrades provide maximum performance and flexibility in every product with add-ons designed to perform to your exacting standards.
  • 12-Lead ECG is available in standard analog for fax transmission or digitally for real-time transition with virtually any available communication technology.
  • Pulse Oximetry / SpO2 uses Masimo SET® signal processing technology for accurate measurements in the presence of motion, high ambient light and low perfusion and when pacing.
  • EtCO2 features Respironics Novametrix End Tidal CO2 monitoring with interchangeable mainstream or sidestream sensor options to accommodate all patients.
  • Non-invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP) offers single, stat, or fully automated functions for optimal patient assessment no matter the circumstances. Invasive Blood Pressure (IBP) is also available.

Zoll's M Series Defibrillator Models:

  • Basic Manual Defibrillator
  • ACLS Manual / Advisory Defibrillator
  • Universal AED / Manual Defibrillator
  • Critical CareTransport (CCT)

Please contact your Avante Sales Representative to find which model is best for you.

Accessories & Supplies

Masimo Adult Finger Probeasdf


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Masino Extension Cableasdf


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3-Lead ECG Cable (Standard)asdf

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3-Lead ECG Snap Set Leadwiresasdf

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DRE Infant Cloth Blood Pressure Cuffasdf

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DRE Child Cloth Blood Pressure Cuffasdf

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DRE Small Adult Cloth Blood Pressure Cuffasdf

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DRE Adult Cloth Blood Pressure Cuffasdf

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DRE Large Adult Cloth Blood Pressure Cuffasdf


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DRE Adult Thigh Cloth Blood Pressure Cuffasdf

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Defibrillator Paddlesasdf


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Adult Pacing Padsasdf


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Pediatric Pacing Padsasdf


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Pacing Cableasdf


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Carrying Caseasdf


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Z-Fold Paperasdf


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Power Cordasdf


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