Philips M2601B Telemetry Transmitter - SO1 SO2 SO3

The Philips M2601B telemetry transmitter is designed to be durable, ergonomic and comfortable for patients to wear with adaptability to provide feedback for tasks in many facilities. The M2601B transmitter sends continuous ECG and FAST-SpO2 measurements to the information center, where measurements are captured, analyzed, displayed and stored.

The standard configuration has 3- or 5-lead capability, providing greater flexibility in providing improved assessment tool. Clinical EASI 12-lead or standard 5-lead ECG can be used in the same transmitter. The unit is equipped with two AA batteries that can be quickly and easily changed.

• Two sizes - smaller ECG-only version and larger ECG-SpO2 version

• FAST-SpO2 (Fourier Artifact Suppression Technology) for improved motion artifact rejection and low-perfusion performance

• Spot Check SpO2 without using any control buttons

• Clinician-selectable Standard or EASI leads in same transmitter, at the bedside

• Lead sets are optimized for ambulating patients, with a cable length 79 cm (30 in)

• Protective covers prevent dirt accessing unused ECG and SpO2 cable ports and the unused TeleMon/Service port, thus simplifying cleaning

• Powered by two AA Alkaline batteries

• Battery gauge on transmitter

• Simultaneous operation in system with M2601A Transmitter