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Comparing New, Refurbished, and Certified Restored Equipment

January 22, 2023

Purchasing medical equipment is a significant investment for any facility. Typically, the process begins with countless hours of research and ends with the hope that your purchase will meet your performance standards and budget requirements. At Avante Health Solutions, we believe you deserve more than the hope that your investment was worth it. You deserve the assurance that your equipment is quality-tested, patient-ready, and value-based. In this article we review new, refurbished, and Certified Restored equipment and the advantages and disadvantages of each, so that you can choose the best option for your facility.  

New Equipment   

There are many advantages to buying new equipment. New equipment is aesthetically pleasing, patient-ready, and is often accompanied by a warranty from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). While these advantages are valuable, there are also disadvantages to consider.  

New equipment can be cost-prohibitive. In fact, it can cost up to 40% more than refurbished or Certified Restored equipment. Another disadvantage is the lack of service options. Although new equipment may not need service for some time, all will need preventative maintenance and repairs in their life cycles. Unfortunately, due to OEM restrictions, you will likely be required to use the OEM for repairs and services instead of your in-house engineers or third-party service providers. This can result in higher costs for parts and services, and it could also result in extended wait times for repairs. 1 This will negatively impact your equipment uptime, patient care, and ROI.  

Refurbished Equipment  

Refurbished equipment, or equipment that has been repaired to working order, is another option to consider. Most refurbished equipment are popular brands with which your staff are already familiar, and which match your current fleet. Refurbished equipment should also be in like-new condition, at least functionally. This translates into patient-ready use upon installation, which positively impacts patient care and your ROI. Refurbished equipment is also cost-effective. These three advantages make refurbished equipment a great option to consider, but there are also several disadvantages discussed in detail below.  

We previously stated that refurbished equipment should be in like-new condition, at least functionally. There are two disadvantages to address in this statement. First, while many companies will refurbish a machine to its working order, they may not repair cosmetic issues including chipped paint, dents, holes, and general wear and tear. These devices will not be as aesthetically pleasing as new or Certified Restored devices.  

Second, the phrase “should be” suggests caution when considering refurbished equipment. If equipment should be in like-new condition, that means that sometimes it isn’t. Some companies cannot guarantee the quality of refurbished equipment. They may attest to the quality in a sales pitch, but do they have the certifications and quality assurance processes in place to prove it? Most do not. We suggest researching a company’s commitment to quality before purchasing their products.2 

Certified Restored Equipment  

Avante’s Certified Restored equipment provides all the advantages of refurbished equipment with none of the disadvantages. Like refurbished equipment, our vast inventory of more than 200,000 parts and supplies offers you a plethora of popular brands from which to choose. Our equipment is also cost-effective. You can save up to 40% on Certified Restored equipment compared to an OEM. Additionally, Avante restores equipment both functionally and cosmetically to look and operate like a new machine.  

As for quality, Avante’s Certified Restored equipment is unmatched. Avante’s dedication to quality products and services is depicted in our ISO 13485:2016 certification through NSF-ISR. As a recipient of an ISO 13485:2016 certification, Avante’s Quality Management System demonstrates the ability to consistently meet customer, ISO, and regulatory requirements. Furthermore, Avante uses an internal quality assurance process which consists of multiple inspections. This process ensures our customers receive the highest quality products with which to serve their patients.  

Contact Avante Today   

While new and refurbished equipment both have their advantages, we suggest their weaknesses far outweigh their strengths. On the other hand, Avante’s Certified Restored equipment stands in a class of its own and is the perfect option for any facility. Contact an Avante representative today for more information on Certified Restored medical equipment and the positive impact it can have on your facility. Call (800) 979-6142 or visit for more information. 

Avante Health Solutions is moving healthcare forward. We are an industry-leading provider of diagnostic imaging, medical-surgical, patient monitoring, and ultrasound equipment. As a comprehensive provider, we partner with our customers from consultation and installation to service, repair, and ongoing technical support. 


  • For more information on this phenomenon, read about the Right to Repair here. 
  • Ask a company these 10 questions before purchasing refurbished medical equipment.