Most Valuable Biomed Department (December) - Rush Copley Medical Center

At Rush Copley Medical Center, patients experience a unique blend of leading-edge medicine and the heartfelt compassion of dedicated professionals. 

Most Valuable Biomed Department (November) - Mercy Hospital Ardmore

Mercy Hospital Ardmore's clinical engineering team is made up of five dedicated biomeds that manage and service assets for this 190-bed hospital.

Avante Finishes Another Great Show at MD Expo 2019 in Baltimore

The Avante Health Solutions team completed another great trade show at the MD Expo meeting in Baltimore. Avante is a regular attendee of MD Expo events, and had a major presence that the show this weekend.

Get Social with Avante Health Solutions

As we continue to unite under the Avante name, we’ll be simplifying all of our handles to Avante Health Solutions. Once we make the switch, you’ll be able to find us more easily than ever before.

IRS Outlines New Regulations for Section 168(k) Bonus Depreciation

For the first time ever, tax payers will be eligible to take the full 100% deduction on qualifying property under new Section 168(k) rules.

Most Valuable Biomed Department (October) - Summerlin Hospital

Summerlin Hospital’s clinical engineering team is made up of six dedicated biomeds that manage and service assets for this 485-bed hospital.