DRE Medical is now Avante Medical Surgical

DRE Medical is now Avante Medical Surgical

Our partnership with Avante grants access to all of our previously available equipment while giving you opportunities to much, much more.


DRE Medical has completed its transition to Avante Medical Surgical. The move further unifies us with Avante entities and is an exciting step in a process that began three years ago.

In 2015, DRE joined the Avante family of companies as part of a strategic build-up of medical equipment providers across the healthcare industry. DRE Medical, along with other Avante companies, adopted the Avante name in 2018.

As part of the Avante Health Solutions family of companies, we will continue offering our DRE customers the same level of selection and service on our existing medical and surgical equipment offerings. We’re still your source for anesthesia machines, surgical tables, surgical lights, procedure chairs, respiratory ventilators, microscopes, electrosurgical equipment, and all of the necessary operating room equipment you need at your facility.

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Get access to our current product inventory and learn more about Avante Health Solutions at our brand new website, avantehs.com. The new website merges all Avante companies under one domain, allowing our customers to shop familiar products while also showcasing new product and service solutions for diagnostic imaging, ultrasound, patient monitoring, and oncology equipment.


We’re moving!

In addition to our new name and website, the Avante Medical Surgical team will soon be moving into a brand new facility. Planned for completion in January 2019, our new headquarters will be located just down the road from our current campus in Louisville, Ky.

Our new building measures more than 75,000 square feet, and will feature an ultra modern warehouse facility and expanded biomedical and office spaces to house our growing departments.

Read more about the new Avante Medical Surgical headquarters here, and stay tuned for more updates! Connect with us on our Facebook page, and follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.