Accelerated Installation of OBI LINAC

August 20, 2018

Accelerated Varian LINAC Install

A New Level of Effeciency

Industry standard for the installation of a linear accelerator with on-board imaging capabilities is an average of 35 days. The Avante Oncology Services team of highly experienced engineers and expert project management was able to complete the installation of a pre-owned linear accelerator with ( OBI ) on-board imaging in only 14 days. While this may not be as critical with large hospital groups or multi machine facilities, with smaller regional hospitals or free-standing centers that can’t afford the downtime an expedited installation has huge impact on continued patient treatments and revenue. With this achievement Avante Oncology Services has set a new standard in exceeding customer expectations.

As part of our expanding set of services we will now offer the "Accelerated Installation Package" as an option with all sales of our pre-owned linear accelerators.

About Avante Oncology Services

Avante Oncology Services is the largest Independent provider of Pre-Owned Linear Accelerators worldwide. We have in stock the latest technology linear accelerators at prices to fit any budget. This allows clinics to provide the newest techniques for treatment of all types cancers.

For more information about pre-owned linear accelerators contact:

Jim Sharkey - SVP Equipment Sales
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